State of the Union of SDC - My fellow Mofos

I am honored and humbled by the title that has been vested in me in taking care of the forum; to which hasn’t been in its best shape as we all know.

If you would allow me to be serious for a second here and address what have been on our minds mostly.

I have never thought trumofo is the direct cause or not, yet he is a nuisance to most of our frequent posters and one of the reason why a lot of forum people have left as I have been told. And I would hate to see the forum goes the way of Chopinfiles.

I believe SDC is a place for people to come and let loose and share ideas. And Chris did a spectacular jobs in keeping the forum in check and providing us with all kinds of perks, he also took a no-BS approach to spammer and flamers. For the majority of time he has been mod, things were pretty good. But as Chris was finishing up with his school and dealing with more pressing issues in his life, maintenance become difficult and things starts to fall apart.

Now, it is not my intention nor purpose to restore SDC to its former glory, what I will do is to keep this place at least in running order and not fall into total anarchy; and whatever direction the forum goes is completely up to you. I want to maintain a chill place with minimal interference necessary.

So with that in mind, I decide not to ban trumofo as of now. But instead purpose the following measure (Which mart is helping me to implement):

As we all know, banning TM does no good, he will proxy through and re-registered, and also there are denizens of SDC that is against shutting him out. Yet his spamming and inflammatory comments are disruptive to the natural flow to other posters and forum reader.

Also from the ‘longfinger’ debacle we know that he is quite capable of disguising himself as a ‘decent human being’ and then quickly turn around and be an asshole to everyone.

So here is what I propose:

I will personally sweep all posts that is by anyone who posted anything resembles TruMofonism into a forum which I called ‘SDC suppository - where TruMofo goes to feed’, regardless of the content.

To elaborate further, if someone ambiguous has random violent outbursts and start posting picture of elephant shit or telling fuck you or leaving huge wall of space in the forum. Off to that section he goes. And people who relish TruMofo’s special brand of CG can still get to enjoy it, but in its rightful place.

So, if TruMofo re-register and decide to pretend and play nice for a while, it’s completely fine, I wouldn’t ban that particular user even though if I know he is TruMofo for sure, but if he starts demanding/asking to trade recordings. Don’t be perplexed or pissed-off if he turns out to be TruMofo. If you trade something or post it in certain forum without thinking it through, it’s your fault if it turned out you have been cheated.
If you don’t feel safe about it, don’t post the link, just msg each other about it.

I believe this is a more sensible solution to the plight of TM even though it would involve active moderation on my part. I am not stifling free-speech, but there is a place and time for vulgarity and free-following hostility. You can’t have chicken head running around in a 5-stars restaurant offering handjob for 3 dollars, that should be done in the back alley of the restaurant, and that’s exactly the place I created solely for TM.

Oh, also, if you want to be a copycat trumofo, off the suppository you go.

With that in mind, if anyone who is on the opposite time-zone would like to help me out to shoulder the burden of moderation please let me and mart know.

Also, thanks to mart for helping me implement my idea.

Your newly instated moderator,


P.S. I am still away from on trip, so it will take me a while before I have time to clean everything up. Please be patient. And I am fully aware of the reactionary action he will possibly take. So don’t be alarmed, it’s all a transitional phase.

If Belgium counts as “opposite time zone”, I’d be glad to help. I still visit daily, so I could help a bit out. Don’t have a lot of time right now, but once I’ve settled in my new place I should be fine.

da zkep vil be an admin again if diz iz alright wiz da MART (vich it probably izn’t) 8)

Alternatively, da zkep vil nominate da ANIMA o da VLAD frum da Europeland time zone, o da ROBBAH/GRIM fo da UZ/Canadia time zone.

Although, like I said, if you PM me his IP(s), I can get Ryguillian to get the entire IP pool of his ISP. That will ban him for good.

tru, rezpec da jeff for da state of da union. i like the ideas, and id love to see da anima as mod. here’s to hoping for an sdc resurgence under da reign of da jeff.

Haha DAIM rezpec da JEFF.

Alzo I’d be happy to help if you guyz need a Mod from da land up North 8)

Sounds good SD!

The reasons I am not as active in this forum today as I used to be may sound strange:

I don’t play piano as much as I used too; 1/5 year travelling and 1 year army, and now I am studying law. Finally got a decent e-piano earlier this year.

My interest in classical music went away for some time. Now I have started to play and listen again.

Maybe if we started to post some new recordings lately people will come back again?

da zkep wuz admin?
hhahahahaha I forgot diz epizode

haha rezpec da plastic promotion to mod. i would have volunteered as a cali mod, but im too fucking busy with school.

hahahaha much rezpec tha JEFF :doc: :gav:

i remembah tha dayz when i wuz ADMIN :gav: :comme: :whale: :stop:

hahaha da bank robbery :dong:

:whale: :whale: :whale:

hahaha nice move imo 8)

much respec and gratz to jeff and plastic
:edit: and da anima!

tru apparently my name iz green



Should be one hell of a party

ahaha da commez return

comme = 8)

nice shadez


tru da jeff our new mod :orgy: