Stephen Hough - True legend?

Any chance you can record this?

I don’t have the Brew diy mic kit but it’s being live broadcast on ABC. Someone could cap it? Last time I tried, I murdered my computer and got all sorts of hissing.

Does ABC offer web replay? I capped a YW performance once but I think I was listening live. I‘ve got other performances of him in this rep so I guess it’s not that important.

There’s a listen live (starts 6.30pm Rads time - only Chopin and Shosta 8 on program) and they usually have a listen back to programs.

Cool. I could potentially listen live, as that’s 11 am I think. But I’ll probably sleep in and catch it on replay.

BTW His Hummel is the best I’ve heard, the finale of the F# minor sonata is outstanding.

He’d also be brilliant in Clementi. I enjoyed Demidenko’s Hyperion Clementi disk but Hough would edge him for sheer crispness.

Hough is primarily 1987-2001 for me. I keep an eye on him today as well and try to acquire at least one rec of each of his programs, but he’s - on average at least - both much more crude pianistically and ordinary musically than he was in his youth. Still, every now and then he lights up and gives an extraordinary recital.

You can’t even say this is good for a kid, because it would be good for anyone. I’ll remember her name, to add to da Brew’s imaginary recital series.