Stephen Hough - True legend?

Possibly the greatest living British pianist?

I love his eclectic albums.

When the DOPPIO MOVIMENTO kicks in. Gensui Czerny-style runs.

Well, he doesn’t have much competition, let’s be honest! =D

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a top 100 BRIT penizt? :sunglasses:

The best British pianist, of any time, has to be young master Benjamin (while the greatest is probably Ogdon), but Hough is at least my favourite British pianist. I suppose ahead of the Ogdon, Curzon, Grosvenor, Lympany, Hess, Solomon train. He’s also the most English sounding pianist of any I know, which I love. Perfect for your Earl Grey morning tea!

I don’t think Grosvenor’s there yet. I’ve seen him live twice so far, heard one fantastic recital, and one meh. Every bootleg I’ve come across has been the latter. Greatest British pianist has to be Solomon imo. I’ve only heard Hough live once in 2007, it didn’t really make much of an impression on me. I think I respect him more than I like him.

Some combo of Solomon, Hough, Ogdon for me. They’re all great but in completely different ways. I’ve not listened to enough Curzon.

Of course, re OP, only Hough is alive!

Curzon is great on the low dynamic end. He has many layers of piano and pianissimo. The problem is he never got above a gentle mf (and this is in the studio, where even a mouse can sound like a lion).

I need to listen to more Solomon, I’ve been mostly underwhelmed by what I’ve heard.

Hell, da best Brit penizt is da Moose-beeyatch

Try this 1950 Op. 111:


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Da chris rec link out of nowhere!
Thanks dude, going to download right now.

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Solomon some of my favorite Beethoven. That hammerklavier fugue, like almost pretty

In all honesty I’m not particularly fond of Grosvenor’s playing, interpretatively, but the things he does at the piano… I haven’t heard anything like it from any other British pianist. He’s also the most impressive child prodigy I’ve heard recorded examples of. Even Kissin sounds more like a trained monkey by comparison, where BG showed both more individuality and a more complete grasp of piano playing at a similar age.

Curzon is a bit of a niche pianist, but he mostly stuck to repertoire which suited him. He’s one of my favourite Mozartians for instance, and the SECOND most English sounding pianist I know, for zepp to keep pondering over. :wink:

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Seeing him Saturday in Chopin 2. Wasn’t overly enthused last I heard him solo, a lot was fast coz he could play fast but he does have a unique rhythmic flexibility.

Wow. Just wow. This Dovgan girl, what a talent!

A large part of why I love Hough, to be fair, isn’t solely his playing - it’s his repertoire choice in his ‘encore pieces’ bonbon style albums such as this -

An antidote to the overly serious germanic repertoire, cotton candy pieces that are truly great in their own way.
He is amazing in these.

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