Stupid this yuh classmates haff said.

Diz topic iz made so dat we - da membahs of dasdc -can feel superior to otah people. Anyway:

We had history class and had just learned about da 2nd WW da week befoh. And so da teacher asked if we could just name some countries in europe. Every person in da class could of course name one. But suddenly without prepering the rest of da class for such a statement an inzanely stupid and ugly girl named Siv answered: AMERICA!

IZ AMERICA(a continent) a country in EUROPE?. OMG???

Iz it really pozzibly do be so stupid dat u belive dat america is a fuckin countryi europe. She probably ment the USA anyway, but still!!!how could dat person who had just learned about WW2 and about how colombus discovered american belive da america was a country in europe. I mean, come on.

U can just imagine da class` reaction. :whale:

so can any of u beat diz one?


I knew a girl who didn’t know where South America was in early highschool.

and I made out with her. I probably got dumber just by doing that.

Hahaha good one, Meph. i have a similar anecdote from history class. We were learning about Vietnam War, and came to a discussion of the impact on the Vietnamese people. someone mentioned the use of agent orange. So this guy named Michael asked: “Who’s Agent Orange?”

Everyone laughed at him…but it’s IB history, so y’know…we’re dweebs.

fuck datz a good one to.itz prolly james bond`s secret name anyway :wink:

-da Meph

teacha " blah blah blah. undahground railroad… blabah runaway slaves"
biznatch: “Wait, can u see da ruinz?”
teacha " what?"
biznatch: “da undahground railroad, can u see da ruinz?”
teacha “uhh, u see, da undahground railroad iznt actually a whole railroad built undahground by a few abolitioniszt when da huge railroad business even had trouble buildin diz shit outside”
biznatch: “o ic”
catz: :whale:

teacha: whu can name a third world country?
catz: Sudan
otha clazzmate: Mali
dumb beeyatc: France

tha TURNIP: ok letz hear tha 1zt mvt of the brotha zon

tha ROB: aha tru. undahztand tho i haf been awake all night ztudyin fo tha hiztory midterm tru.

tha TURNIP: ahaha ic, well letz c how it goez.

playz tha sheeyat

tha TURNIP: get out.

tha ROB: tru.


ahahah pozzibly my rezponze hav nothin to do wit tha topic at hand :dong:

who iz tha turnip

one of the many ‘self-claimed’ Horowitz student

TURNIP: “Tiz tru i vil ztudy wit tha HO”

:ho: “I vil teach u on tha condition that all lezzonz are conducted in tha nude”

TURNIP: “hahaha u iz joking of courze”

:ho: “…”

TURNIP: “ic”


The greatest piano teacher is Chopin.


Da teacha : who wuz da king during french revolution
dumb beeyatch : King ARTHUR?!?!

after an exam:

“Mozart, that’s Renaissance, right?”

dumb guy talking to my friend : wut iz u playing foh yo audition
friend : sum Bach
dumb guy : who’s Bach?