Suggestionz please...

so i realize this iz a bit unmofo but my father is getting married to one of your mothers next May and he wants me to play at his wedding with a random aunt who is a singer.

anybody have any ideas? i was thinking of something from from Figaro. anybody know if there iz any transcriptionz(not da :pimp: one!!)?

da chop marche funèbre 8)

Who cares about the singer?

Is your father a Don Juan? Perhaps you can help him Fantasize in a Lisztian way.

complete TEz :whale:

wtf…y dunt u play solo???

fuk da singer…

play all 4 chop ballades…

ahahahahah i zecond da PITA BREAD zuggeztion

:whale: :whale:

its my fathahs requezt n itz hiz wedding u fuckz

i vill probably juz siteread through theze quick fo a encore :lib:


haha, u sure r a fuckah… :whale:

Singing and 88 go togetha like :tm: and Iamcanadian

Nothing worse then hearing some good piano on da radio and some biatch’s raspy voice chiming in

ya ok fuck you.

schubert’s my favorite lieder, rachmaninoff, schumann are also good. I generally don’t like arias that much, so I’d go for the lieder.

steinwaymofo iz eithah undahgoin bullying at hiz zchool o need to tak hiz medz

thanx fo tha response SM

are there a few pieces you would recommend specifically from these? i don’t have any lieder recs so it’d be awesome if you could post some or even just the sheetz

Do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth? :rectum:

I wuld suggest (If da singa can keep up wid you), from Schumann’s Frauenliebe und leben either ‘Er, Die Herrlichste von allen’ (The second piece) The woman sings about her man she’s fallen wildly in love with a guy…
Or ‘Du Ring an meinem Finger’ which is definately unmofo, but good for wedding, slow n beautiful, n easy to play n sing. (piece 4 of frauenliebe und leben)

Hope dis helps :wink:


HAHA imagine da bride’z face 8)


horowitz’s variations on liszt’s variations on mendelssohn’s wedding march. Sho yo aunt won’t mind not singing if yo play this…

play da Clavicumbucket

or zome schoenberg sheeeeeeeeeeeyat zongz

dey will appreziate


or Berg or Webern zongz