Sum Oscar youtube gemz

tru. uze da keepvid 8)

Oscar Peterson trio with Ray Brown n Ed Thigpen - Goodbye (live early 60s) inzane 88 zolo in dis

Oscar Peterson trio with Ray Brown n NHOP - You look good to me (live Montreux '77) da NHOP stealz da show 8)

Oscar Peterson - Ali and Frazier Jam (Montreux '77) All I can say iz HOLY FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. FUCKIN INZANE TEMPO. Da soloz are all WIKID, n alzo pay attention do da drummin n da walking bazz, fuckin fazt all da way thru. Da playahz are : Oscar, Bobby Durham, NHOP, Dizzy Gilespie, Clark Terry n Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis

I’ll post sum more soon

i c

Thiz 1 iz great.

oh my god.

i’ve seen tons of jazz,

but the ending of this is easily the greatest thing i’ve ever witnessed.

i’m in shock

If you had to pick one, this one is THE definitive Oscar take. In my opinion, Oscar transcended his greatest influence, Art Tatum.

hahahah dis iz juzt so fuckin INZANE 8)