Sum Thalburglah!

Firzt up, a parasheeyat which sounds not zupah difficult but the last third is imo as hard as just about anything da pimp evah wrote. Ztudio tezt rec, it did have a touch more editing dun.

I’ve retired diz mofo from mah active rep aftah one too many fuckupz in perf. You juzt know you won’t hit all da jumpz in da coda without compromising da zpeed… and we don’t wanna do that!

Famouz…izh tranny by da thalburglah alzo:

Da radio reviewah mofo alzo reviewed da zlit immediately aftah diz, which I find pretty funny.
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Rezpec, I don’t know this tranny. Will listen when I get home.

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I should have been more clear in my labelling tbh. The second vid is a different tranny: a little bit of talking plus da thalburglah’z Casta diva setting.

Fuck, is a both SDC approved and a bit beautiful !!

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HAHAHAHAHA at around 5minz da zepp iz juz waitin fo

Da clazzik TRU LIEZ tango theme entry

Day harzhly nevah cummah :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHAH FUCKKKKKK da CODA a bit legendary!!! REZPEC da BOB fo unleazhin diz rare gensui :sunglasses:

Ahahahah da BOB burglah cazta diva diz zmooooth moizt!!!

Diz zhud be an entry in da COMME fair maiden topic tru :sunglasses: da radio mofo zound lyk he vil dizz da ZLIT harzh bangin aftah enjoyin diz gensui moizcha from da BOB :sunglasses:

Ahahaha yeah I nearly did mention da casta diva trannie in dat thread! I like both of these pieces a lot, just da trav is a biatch to play. Oleg Marshev did a very interesting rec of it.

Haha I think da radio mofo wuz really nice about da zlit actually :laughing:

Casta Diva is good, rezpecable moizt. Randomly Norma is probably a top 3 or 4 opera for me. But I only wanna hear Callas in the title role.

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The funny thing is how restrained the setting actually is compared to the composer’s reputation! If you look at the arrangement by Kullak, it’s actually much more like what you would expect from da thalburglah.