sum Zcar

Archive vid, not great recording sound as it’s cam only.

In sumone’s lounge!

Reminded of dis as I used to couple zcarsons with kan miniatures (like ezquizzez or da mad biatch on da zeazhor) and tbh I think dey go togethah nicely.

Diz not da zcar homie…edit diz sheeyat?

I really wanna heat dafuq you trying to play tho :kan:

Alzo dat iz NOT zum lounge

Come on now homie…u got me all werkt up n mAh ballz iz now blue :stop:

Haha what an epic fuck up.

Edited :open_mouth:

Thankz homie! I iz hammered az a mofo and really wanna hear :rudy:

Randomly dat piano got a nice tone to it!

Rezpec, I’m already buzzed so my resolution to not get so wasted will be tested tonight. :chop:

It was a fairly old Steinway (B, I think). Maybe about 1970. Impromptu concert in someone’s home hahaha.



da perfect prelude to a propah

LEZBO DREAM #3 UNLEAZH :sunglasses:

da zepp zuzpect diz manzion belong to a random rich window wiz whom u iz well-acquainted :orgy: 8)

Hahaha da lezbo dream 3 harshly a TM fave
Such a touching zong

Total was:
2 coronas
3 margaritas
2 pints of chouffe

Mildly drunk but not even close to being wasted.
Mission accomplished. :gav:

Daim, da zepp’z intuition zcarily near da truth, first half entirely accurate.