Szeryng - Bach Solo Violin Works

My favourite set. Ehnes will follow shortly.

These are great - thanks. I always heard stories about Szerying, that he was the single most difficult musician that anyone every ran in to, lots of hissy fits, but the man really played like a god when he was in form (which was pretty much always). I’m really sorry I never got to hear him live (but I did hear Milstein, which almost made up for it, even if he was incredibly old- the mot beautiful fiddle sound I’ve ever heard).

Thanks for this! I’ve heard from lot of violinists that this is the best Bach violin set! Have anyone heard Milstein playing Bach? How it is in comparison to the Szering?

(sorry Chris, I saw just now your post in Paganini tread…)

moi randomly own almost every single szeryng sheeyat evah issued.


but tru, tiz a legendary mofo, almost second only to oistrakh 'n heifetz. i place heifetz a lil higher dan szeyng given da condition these 2 mofoz iz at their peak.