t25 randomly leavin da SDC

Martha Argerich
Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 2 with Bernard Klee,
Live In Strasbourg, Germany 1978

Right-Click, “Save Target As…”

Peace tru

for how long? why?

how very black of u 8)

hhHAHhaha zpermanently tru, diz new SDC iz a bit of a joke. n zepp…i vil c u on da mzn 8)

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i juzt got me herpes on me lipz !

I’ll pozzibly be leavin too. Too many prickz up in hurr (i.e. da trumofo).

t25s6 dun leave mah bad self :cry:

tru :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I iz a prick and I know it. :tm: :tm: :tm: :tm: :tm:

u shud randomly open up a dizkuzzion sektion on da undahground 8)

if you know so , pleeez kill your russian azz

What’s da alternative? Piano World?

Haha fuck den I vud kill mah self

randomly orgy board vidz iz back up tru


stay man, or if you leave randomly come back every once in a whille. And rezpec fo all da Orgy vidz.

another guy who wants some random people from the internet to feel sry for him…

get a life…


y u leaving?

Fuuckk, zoon diz whole board vil be empty b/c of people like trumofo…


tru i might do zumthin wiz da undahground, but iz juzt zo fuckin unlykely.

hHAhHA tru,

  • t25 randomly out 8)

haha, I iz trumofo, and I iz makin’ my own version of Rapezeckzy March

oh lemme guess, the theme in the left hand and that 1 scale you know over and over again in the right? interesting.

hey, t25, if the reason that you are leaving is because of trumofo’s disgraceful behaviour, i think this is a wrong decision. you should stay, dont let him think he has won. he is bullying people out of this forum, and it will soon become extinct. look at canadian, he doesnt take any shit and doesnt care for what trumofo says, so just stay…plzzzzz.