talkin while playin?

anyone haz deze zkillz to freely hav zum conzervazhun wiv a friend while continuing to play the piano?

I cant do diz, whenever i ztart talkin the rhythm n even moa z completely f00kd up. i believe diz iz a zubject ov multitazkin?
ideaz, thoughtz n zuggeztionz? :dong: :dong:

tiz important why ?

for teaching

i can’t fucking talk at all while playing. i can sing along though. it’s actually easy to say what you wanna say as if it were lyrics to what you are playing.

i do think you can practice this. i could sing schubert lieder and completely accompany myself after a while, so i guess it’s possible to prax it

ahahahaha predicktably … 269#143269


i faild hard at tiz gaim :frowning:

@brew: tiz important fo teachin, explainin ztuff, makin muzical jokez, etc

I see. I don’t think I have a problem with it, although it’s not something I have to do for any length of time (not a teacher).


ahaha zactly…wat piez iz he playin again? cant think ov itz naim atm :dong:

diz comedian iz alzo a freetalker (@ 1:38+)

last piece from kinderszenen, the poet speaks

ah ofc, thx :slight_smile:
i haz been diztracted by the key (a flat major). tiz vid is higher pitched

Someone recently told me that when they first met Alexander Paley, he was playing La Campanella while chatting to them. You can find him here playing La chasse: … _index.asp

what about fucking while playin"