[Tchaik comp] da FINAL zhedule(ztart today)

27 June. 19.30.

LIM Don hek.
Tchaikovsky Concert 1
Rakhmaninoff Concert 2

Aleksandr lubyantsev.
Tchaikovsky . Concert 1
Prokofiev. Concert 3

28 June. 19.30

Miroslav kultyshev.
Tchaikovsky . Concert 1
Prokofiev. Concert 3

Sergey Sobolyev.
Tchaikovsky Concert 1
Prokofiev. Concert 2

29 June. 19.30

Benjamin Moser.
Tchaikovsky . Concert 1
Brahms. Concert 2

Fedor amirov.
Tchaikovsky . Concert 1
Rakhmaninoff. Concert 3

I hope the stream works for once.

Haha fuck da 6 tchaik 1

haff fun jury memberz

methinks tchai 2 not gd for comp, but its a fuckin Grade A piece of music


da zepp vil be back in 2 hourz to witnezz da LIMP

n DAIM da 2 MOFO CONCz in zuccezzion format!!!

diz even mo rezpec fo da TRUCOMME tiz tru 8)

Did da jack sparrow REALLY PLAY da :doc: campy et?

2nededed :g:

They’re the jurors of the friggin’ Tchaik comp, they shouldn’t at all be surprised :smiley:

rezpec tha mini-kraut brahmz 2 :brotha:

da ztream isnt working!? FUCK


ok it works now…barely

da legendary limpdong Rach2 :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

tchaik 1 sucks, i hope they all get AIDS for choosing it :unamused: :ligeti piano concerto ftw:



Except they couldn’t have chosen the Ligeti over the Tchaik. 8)

ahahahah da NUCLIT

tru unpredicktably wikid prick2 :whale:

Well so far…


I kinda feel sorry for Amirov, he’s really having a hard time with the Tchaik1. Hopefully things will improve with Rach3.

OK, WTF happened with his rach 3? Skipping bars, missing a ton of notes… Nervous? Daim

And why did the conductor literally RUN of the stage the second the rach was done? Looked kinda weird.

anybody record da jack sparrow :comme: moments? I’d like to hear it…

obviously if he fucked up that bad he aint gonna get the prize…fucking up like that is not the sign of a world class pianist going after a gold medal…heh…

no shit man! when switched to that high overhead cam right on the last note and tha conductah ran away i thought i was seeing things :comme:

The conductor has flied forward as soon as defeat coming. It stirred and broke motion. It was impossible to listen. I am ready to prove all on record. Fedor Amirov has confirmed my worst assumptions. Today he did not try to look unusually. He was not always solvent professionally . Rakhmaninov’s third concert with such quality to play awkwardly at the Tchaikovsky Competition.
I am so happy about jury desicion, and I thank for such desicion. After Fedor Amirov became the sixth, I have forgiven to this jury all disagreement with me in the previous rounds.
Sevidov Arkady Gavrilovich, the national’s artist of Russia, the professor of the Moscow State Conservatory

ahahaha daimmmmm