[Tchaik comp] da WEBCAZT

If he played it badly, I’d say it was bad. What’s the big deal?

I think you guys are embarrassed that you hyped him up so bad and he performed so shitty.

Krittyot, it wasn’t what I would have expected from Ingolf. I was disappointed with his performance. His Mozart sounded really like newly-learned. You’d hear his lack of confidence, hence, the number of inaccuracies. :blush:

His Mephisto, well, just watch the vid uploaded.

Maybe he was sick with something, I dunno.

It’s gonna be hard for him to get through the next round, I guess.

unnatural and confused sounding phrasing…maybe tru…but not full of diz…ahahaha lacking of melodic and rhythmic skills daim jake do you really know what iz u talking about?
zum factz about wundah datz why da audienze love him more dan anyone elze aftah hiz playing bcoz hiz live zound iz the bezt in the world…i have heard him live wif da pimpagetz and zum hr and da GAZFART and he haz da bezt zound evah (bettah dan zoko,da genie,pogo,pollen and zum otah zheeyat) and according to zum perzon who wuz at da CHOPCOM he haz da bezt LIVE zound in da whole compet…bettah dan 2 limpz,RAF dan if you never heard any great peniztz live…dan you wud ratha zhut up jake…i underztand dat people can dizmizz him in the zloppy performance at tchai comp…but not him particularly az a TRUPENIZT…he iz da zecond bezt upcoming mofo aftah anti ziirala…

the lacks the experience and musical training to compete at this level. he ztudiez in vienna muzic academy dude…one of the mozt difficult zchool to get in in da world…(zame league wif reina sofia,imola,curtis) and he playz concert around da world…daim jake…

People like Cliburn, Ogdon, Ashkenazy, and Berezovky were already masters by the time they entered the competition …I would say I prefer him to Cliburn…any time of my life…da TRUGOD iz already an accomplizh penizt…he juzt had a bad day…
and one more point dat i bet jake never know…the pressure of performing in competition…try in by yourself jake…and you vill know how bad you will feel just zum minz before you have to play…daim datz why i hate competition… :stop: :stop:

ahahahaha whatz the big deal…even if he would have played it daim fucking awezum…you wud ztill zay it iz bad in your way and try to put him down… :stop: :stop:

dude, do you know who his teacher at the hochschule is? i studied there a long time ago.

haha man cut da woofah some slack, i’m still downloading his meph vid and i didn’t hear aything, but i saw his chop comp and concluded he’s just very young and plays that way too (which is def. not negative). i didn’t like his sound there at all, but then again i never saw him live. we shall see.

hahahaha if tha TRUGOD wuz zumwhut zheeyat (i ztill haz not heard), hiztory of competitionz wud zuggezt…he vil go on to tha next round :chop:

hahah no i iz zayin that becuz in tha pazt all tha mofoz we dun expect to make it on…do 8)

Exactly, Rob.

I don’t like his Meph, btw. Impressive, but he actually lacks a lot of timing skills. Amazing fingers, though. He’ll become very good, he just isn’t, yet. I concur with woofah that he lacks the musical experience to compete at this level, he still has a long way to go imho.

haha but seriouzly. A lot of the so called “musical” ones are dreadfully dull. Dey iz bettah off going fo fury.

tru, but those are the young pianists of today… “musical” and dull, or technically amazing.

go to the queen elisabeth website and check out ilya rashkovsky. fucking pwnz.

fuck…da MAKI played fucking zloppy IZLAMIC BOMBAH ,i haf no clue how did they take her…
ahahaha da NUMA unleazhed da MEPH more zolid dan da TRUGOD…zad but tru

ahahaha da FEINBERG cummah
edit…ahahhaa not bad but zub KOJI

people iz u in any pozzibility to upload da tchaik comp vidz ? i can’t watch da bloody webcazt in Poland (pozzibly da politicz?)

I iz getting Ligeti etz rite nuw 8)

AHA FuCKkkkkkkkkkkk hopefully zumone cappd tha LIGGAH

i want to see the ligeti :blush:

hhahaha fuckk da nu angle :comme: :zhreddah: :lib:

hahahahah wtf iz thiz nu UZAH NAME/PAZZWORD ruzzian conzpiracy? :rectum: