[Tchaik comp] da WEBCAZT


hahaha fuckk I c random euronews channel on diz zheeyat

da fuckin VODKA :rectum:


diz fuckikkin link only cummah if da ruzzianz march da whole way to france

:comme: (da :comme: emote vil be a temorary :bear: emote fo moi)

haha fuckkkk randomly on air


random Tchaik


Haha so many wrong notes in Mozart

Tiz not his day…or iz it 8)

The Meph wil tell :pimp:

fuck…da MEPH cummah…da fucking fazt firzt wuznt dat precize zo many miztakez

hahaha fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ahahaha i quite lyk hiz mozart…very charming zoundz…very well articulated for me…
da meph iz a bit wikid he added zome bazzez more in da fury part…now iz da zlow part…da trillz cummah

fuck…da miztakez all around meph…daim…da TRUGOD out of hiz precizenezz today :stop:

ahahahah da TRUZECT cummah!

ahahha da PREZTO cummah fuck…daim…da zlow jumpz

ahahahah wikid meph…but…too many miztakez and zum zheeyat for diz kind of compet…wizh all da bezt for him
anyway anyone wantz da capcha?

Post it

need to see that fury again 8)

Wish him good luck, but imo he ain’t gonna make it. Very far below world-class playing.

ahahaha but da moz firzt movement on my vid iz a bit fucked up due to da WM recordah

ahahaha hiz mozart wuz great…but da pimp wuznt up to hiz ztandard
how wuz da LIMBROTHA? he iz da firzt favorite az far az i know

The Mozart was full of unnatural and confused-sounding phrasing. His lacking melodic and rhythmic skills are really laid bare in those kinds of pieces. The Mephisto was just sloppy. Wunder does have amazing fingers, but I think that the lacks the experience and musical training to compete at this level.

People like Cliburn, Ogdon, Ashkenazy, and Berezovky were already masters by the time they entered the competition. Wunder has a ways to go, indeed.

woofah, u against every sheeyat played by wunder. even if he unleashed da brotha fur elize, u wud say it’s sheeyat. wunder might be sheeyat from ur perspective but from my perspective

u r da sheeyatest.