[Tchaik comp] da ZEPP quickly revieweth da LIMP final sheeya

T1 + Rocky2

SD Hilite: zl*w mvmt ticklah unleazh in both concz (record pendin verification). random hanon all ovah

da LIMP earn a big golden REZPEC fo zneakily ztrikin where otha legendz dun try (or do dey?!). pozz a zhameful tactic but pozz columbuz alzo tru.

pluz tiz already inzpire a MART tranz 8)

n da T1 octz wuz alzo LEGENDARY…

…if viewed in miniclipz of 3 octz each 8)

ovahall twuz a zolid :god: :god: :god: out of :god: :god: :god: :god: :god:

which cud be enuff to win, or pozz not :lib:

hahahaha da LIMP’z 2nd mvt ov da Rach2 iz def rezpectable zheeeyat

tiz very well articulated and brought out a lot ov col*ur too

and da LIMP pozz raped da zound in da beginning ov Rach2, which usually wuz drown by da hyperactive orchestra

zo a bit rezpec fo dat

and tru, tiz might be enuff to win

Anybody capped this?

clazzic T1 mvmt2

da :stop: ztartz at 3’20 8)

da Putin, nevahdalezz, vill win.


Damn, I missed this cuz of da ghey webcast! fucked…

anyone capped the entire Rach 2? ahahaha

Question: will :LIMP: reject the prize he’s awarded this time round, if da PUTIN winz?

Da Gilelz vuld be a natural contendah.

Note the broken string at 00.08 8)


I await da Zepp’s detailed comparative analysis of the two. Extra points must, of course, be added for da string breakage. 8)