Tchaikovsky Competition starts

no Giltburg? :unamused:


Klinton no pazz???

dat biatch wuz hot, tru.

WTF no Giltburg???

I didn’t have time to listen him - How he played?

Trifonov played a true devil’s version of mephisto valse


what is wrong with him, this guy was great in the Chopin


remindz me a bit of tha ZALT 8)

alzo a zpanizh rappah in tha relatd 8)

ztill no vid of her tchaik zhitzo on tha tube yet tho :stop:


Klinton a bit hittable.

and considerable upgrade from dis:



she’s fucking HOT

I actually prefer his playing in this comp. Chop comp cunteztants are on the whole too mannered. :smiley:

Checking the webcast now, I like this conductor.

Da finalizts tru :dong:

Alexei Chernov (Russia)
Seong Jin Cho (South Korea)
Alexander Romanovsky (Ukraine)
Yeol Eum Son (South Korea)
Daniil Trifonov (Russia)

too bad lubyantsev didnt pazz, but then again hiz mozart concerto no21 was a bit weird, especially the 3rd movement was played very slow.

yeol eum son gettin prize for da shchedrin piez n a shared prize (with trifonov) for mozart concerto no21.
her mozart concerto was pretty much perfect. def rootin for her despite that horseneck

dude I told u… get sum glasses… juz… wtf

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck man

dat chick IZ FUCKING HOT.

did u c da pic?

juz five finalizt??


read the video description

then click this:

hahahah mannnn and then they never apologize???


of course diz fuckincomp cudnt go smooth without zum random Cg-lyk diz
what a douche :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

hahaha fuckin douche

Mo’ importantly da Ashkenzay having health problems and withdraws?