Tchaikovsky Competition starts … ompetitors

Trifonov and Giltburg again after Rubinstein comp.

dang yeol eum zum playin tha tchaik/burgah tranz

zhud b wikid :wood: :orgy:

dey iz havin a winnah recital in Tokyo

da Jeff iz harzhly not interezted

quite some big names there, lookin forward to it =)

Dubov’s own transcription of Night on the Bald Mountain!

preview.tchaikovsky-competition. … tors/Dubov

I don’t think what he does with the registration is very clever at all.

I met Klinton (da diarhea - tru, da biatch in da best fuck-up chop 10-5 )in da pimp comp. Nice girl.

deze timezones are GMT or CET?

ahahah mebbe tiz mah nozcript, but it appearz therz a million pluginz u need to watch thiz ztream?

iz anyone going to be cappin thiz?

rezpec :dong:

cap da klinton please.

this shit russian stream didnt work for me at all. all i always got was a 10 second excerpt of a VOD…nothing live.

Same here - very disappointing. And it is always the same ten seconds, which stops being funny after about the 5th attempt. Apparently, they have hired a professional webcast producer, and this is what she promised:


Well the bandwidth thing is true actually, at least for me. After a few seconds the quality becomes better, and after another few seconds even more. 720p’ish I’d say.

Too bad that that clip freezes shortly after that…and yep, it’s always the same ten seconds for me too…zZzzZZzz

I want the chopcomp or vancliburn comp coverage back!

im watching something on that stream right now but i think its a vod of that romanovsky guy playing, or is he live right now?
whenever I reload the site the video starts from the beginning again…zzz

does anyone have a proper schedule? theres no shit on the site that’d tell me when which competitor performs…fkn website made by russianz

ps: video quality is awesome though, best i’ve seen in a livestreamed competition so far.

Round I: Piano

  1. Stanislav Khristenko (Russia): June 15, 13:00

  2. Evgeny Brakhman (Russia): June 15, 14:00

  3. Ekaterina Rybina (Russia): June 15, 15:00

  4. Alexander Sinchuk (Russia): June 15, 19:00

  5. Maria Tretyakova (Russia): June 15, 20:00

  6. Eduard Kunz (Russia): June 15, 21:00

  7. Alexander Romanovsky (Ukraine): June 16, 14:00

  8. Dinara Klinton (Russia): June 16, 15:00

  9. Sara Daneshpour (USA): June 16, 19:00

  10. Jong-Hai Park (South Korea): June 16, 20:00

  11. Jianing Kong (China): June 16, 21:00

  12. Yunjie Chen (China): June 17, 13:00

  13. Timur Scherbakov (Belarus): June 17, 14:00

  14. Filipp Kopachevskiy (Russia): June 17, 15:00

  15. Andrey Dubov (Russia): June 17, 19:00

  16. Natalia Sokolovskaya (Russia): June 17, 20:00

  17. Alexander Lubyantsev (Russia): June 17, 21:00

  18. Yulia Chaplina (Russia): June 18, 13:00

  19. Georgy Gromov (Russia): June 18, 14:00

  20. Seong Jin Cho (South Korea): June 18, 15:00

  21. Daniil Trifonov (Russia): June 18, 19:00

  22. Yeol Eum Son (South Korea): June 18, 20:00

  23. Mamikon Nakhapetov (Georgia): June 18, 21:00

  24. Shinnosuke Inugai (Japan): June 19, 13:00

  25. François-Xavier Poizat (Switzerland): June 19, 14:00

  26. Pavel Kolesnikov (Russia): June 19, 15:00

  27. Boris Giltburg (Israel): June 19, 19:00

  28. Ching-Yun Hu (Taiwan): June 19, 20:00

  29. Alexey Chernov (Russia): June 19, 21:00


diz da DIARRHEA, you mofoz.

Can anyone cap those 3?

  1. Alexander Lubyantsev (Russia): June 17, 21:00
  2. Daniil Trifonov (Russia): June 18, 19:00
  3. Yeol Eum Son (South Korea): June 18, 20:00

Daniil Trifonov
Pavel Kolesnikov


Competitors Quailfied to the Round II. Piano

Alexei Chernov (Russia)
Seong Jin Cho (South Korea)
Sara Daneshpour (USA)
Pavel Kolesnikov (Russia)
Filipp Kopachevskiy (Russia)
Eduard Kunz (Russia)
Alexander Lubyantsev (Russia)
François-Xavier Poizat (Switzerland)
Alexander Romanovsky (Ukraine)
Alexander Sinchuk (Russia)
Yeol Eum Son (South Korea)
Daniil Trifonov (Russia)