Tchaikovsky Symphonies (complete) - Jansons

Oh wow, I’m not familiar with that one-- is it the one available on that budget label? I find it quite amazing, how Celibidache’s style changed through the years. In later years he seemed to go for a Zen approach with clarity and instinctual unfolding. Although I never felt it was calculated, I bet some people would find more vigor elsewhere?

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Thank you very much for sharing this! I’ll be sure to share my impressions.

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no probs. it would be nice to hear what you think. Jansons is my no.1 conductor at the moment.

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Does one of these contain the 5th and 6th Symphonies? I would be so curious indeed to hear these. Jansons is such a dynamic conductor, who really brings special sounds from his music making. He is one of those artists who helps us to hear. I had the amazing opportunity to hear him conduct the Concertgebouw Orchestra and I was seated behind the orchestra, so I got to see everything. First was the Lutoslawski Concerto for Orchestra, very excellent. Then came the Brahms 1st Symphony, which will remain in my memory as one of my life’s greatest musical experiences. It was simply tour-de-force. I might note that as Jansons was coming down the stairs during the many curtain calls, he tripped and fell, and there was a huge gasp that silenced the hall. Then he got up, waved, and the cheers resumed. That was such a special concert. The final movement of the Brahms… oh my, it took my breath away!

CD5 … 741D56B3E3

CD6: … 1E0DC5C69F

Thanks so much indeed for these! Jansons proves to be quite remarkable indeed. Always an emphasis on clarity and balance, and structuring performances to unmissable climaxes. He keeps tight reigns and a solid rhythmic sense; he makes points without exaggeration yet is effective. I especially enjoyed the momentum-filled performance of the 5th Symphony. He is always prominent with the brass sections such as one might expect from the Pittsburgh Symphony. I really enjoyed these.

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