technical excersizes, scales, a combination, or just pieces?

Technical excersizes, Scales, Chopets, or just pieces?

  • Technical excersizes
  • Scales, arpeggios
  • both technical excersizes and scales and arpeggios
  • chopets
  • fuck working on technique, just play repitoire

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just curious

ahah ztick mah hand in a blendah :comme: :dong: 8)

Backhaus: Scales, Arpeggios, Bach. :lib:

Chopet for specific technical difficulty (3,4,5 finger dexterity, thirds, sixths, thumb-over tech)

Exercise to build up overall stamina

Bach for finger indepedence

Mozart for tone-color control

(I haven’t done da Bach and Mozart yet)

shud be da scalez da arpz da tech n da chopets, but since I iz a lazy fuck I voted foh da lazt option tru

agreed about needing not only Chopets, scales, etc, but Bach and Mozart

Mozart and Bach = key.

Also, I think it is good to play something slow for tone (nocturnes are a good example)

My teacher made a good point that I had played only fast rep for years with the exception of slow movements so I started the op 48 no 1 Nocturne.

It helps.

fuck that. repertoire. that’s it. period.

no wonder u iz sheeeyzt :comme:

just a random ?, but does anybody here practice chromatic scales using 3,4,5 fingers like the chopet? I dfo this everyday and damn does it work…good preparation for da chopet…

but when i put the other notes in the right hand, i iz massacred…tiz sad…

theze dayz i try to apply tha LAPD chromatic fingrin :pimp:

ztartin on c wiz tha RH

2345 123 1234 12345 123 1234 12345 etc. tru

yeah that fingering is great

I can BLAZE through La Campanella chromatics with it

i dun undestand those fingerings, explain lol

When you see a 2 it means you have to use your second finger 8)

ok, say your starting on e with the right hand

you will finger E - 1, F - 2, F# - 3, G - 1, G# - 2, A - 3, A# - 4, B - 1, C - 2, C# - 3, D - 4, D# - 5

and then repeat the whole process when you use 1 on E again.

in right hand, 1 is thumb, 2 is index, 3 is middle, 4 is ring, 5 is pinky

so the fingering repeats itself every octave,
123 1234 12345, 123 1234 12345, 123 1234 12345 etc etc

so on every E through F sharp you’ll use 123 then G through A sharp you’ll use 1234 then B through D sharp you’ll use 12345 for chromatics

and it cycles over and over


da milfhuntah iz talkin about da 10/2 fingerin

from c -

4 3 4 3 4 5 3 4 3 4 3 4 5 etc, pozzibly


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