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I’m sorry guys but I need to come clean. I’m a mole for LL. I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to fight for the Glorious one(Yundi Li) and his incredible musical ability, but, alas, LL abducted my family to his Fortress of Doom(betcha didn’t know he had one of those) on the Island of Over-commercialization. My attempt to rescue them resulted in failure. Easily, I crossed the Chasm of Funky Body Motions that surround his Fortress. His Bombasity Guards were vanquished by my Sword of Taste +1. I made my way undaunted through his Labrynth of Poor Interpretation. Finally, I came face to face with the Dark Lord himself. For hours I faced him and his mighty Mace of Banality. His fighting style was full of useless motions designed only to make others believe his might, yet still his power was great. I knew that I couldn’t defeat him with mere taste, so I cast a IVth level Bad Review spell. Trembling, he fell to his knees and begged for a chance to renounce his evil ways and to play for good once again. I, blinded by my foolish naivity, listened. As my guard went down, he unleashed a fearful Hadoken, the like of which has not been seen since Super Street Fighter II Tournament Edition.

When I awoke, I was in a dark damp room. A coarse, almost sickening voice resonated in the walls of my cell, a voice I recognized as belonging to no other than his twisted Lieutenant, xvimbi. My family was to be forced to listen to the Dark Lord play the Don Juan fantasy for all eternity, unless… unless I would help him. He spoke of one, one he called “the Prophet.” I was to ruthlessly mock the Prophet, attack his revelations as paranoia, and defend the Dark Lord’s minions.

I quickly noted that any feeble attempts by the forces of darkness were quickly knocked aside by the Prophet and shown to be grotesque copies of the true musicality of the Glorious one. Even the most sinister of the Dark Lord’s servants, those who through guile and treachery convinced the board that they were followers of the truth, were exposed by his brilliance, like a dark place is exposed by light. The realization, that my attempts would never phase him and never result in my family’s safety, hit me. I can now only go into exile and hope, through a life of taste and lack of body motions, to undo a small portion of the evil and poor interpretation that I have been an accessory to.

I can only hope that Brewtality, aquariuswb, and dankoren will realize that the tastelessness of Lang Lang will never triumph. May they renounce their ways and their insidious master and walk in the ways of Yundi.



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Hahahahah! I can’t believe I didn’t see this! It’s the craziest P.O.S I’ve evah read!. It’s jus too crazy. 8)

hahaha, i lyk da dark side 8)

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i concur wit da kmart n da bru. dat sheeeyat iz far from flawlezz


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