Tell me about Prokofiev's Concerto 3

I am going to hear a performance of this piece and I would appreciate it more if I understood it better. Any mofoz out there care to share with me what they find special in this work? Convince me that dis sheeyat is on da gensui level of da BRAHMS concertos 8)

For example on cursory listening it is clear to me that da finale is a SDC masterpiece with some of the most legendary unleashing. :whale: However randomly da first 2 movements are a bit sheeyat to comprehend.

Also what are da best recordings of this work? I have Kapell/Stowkowski and Argerich/Abbado.

what’s there too explain about the work? it’s a pretty self-explanatory work that isn’t that hard to comprehend. i personally really like all 3 movements. it isn’t prok 2 level, but still a great piece. comparing it to brahms would be a bit odd, considering how different the styles are, but i still think it’s a great concerto that deserves your time. the second movement is probably my favorite, which is a theme and variations with a lot of gensui.

my favorite recording personally is the gutierrez recording.

tru da gutierrez rec juzt legendary

Listen to the piece. Learn to love it. If a piece were simple enough to grasp with just a short explanation from one of us, it would hardly be a piece worth looking into.

Listen to it a dozen times. A dozen different recordings. You’ll appreciate it more than any endorsement from one of us could possibly help achieve. Same goes for any music - from Bruckner symphonies to Mozart quartets.

Here are a dozen recordings to get you started:

T. Judd

Do you like Prokofiev to begin with? If you haven’t listened much to his music I would reccomend the sonatas (esp: 2,3,6,7,8) all of the concertos (maybe minus no 4, wich I also like). His symphonic works are also great.

Tru, prok 2 conc was what got me into prok in the first place, i wasn’t a huge fan of 3rd conc until i heard kapell play it

good thing you’re going to see a live perf, everytime i hear somehting new live, it has a much greater impact on me than listening to recordings

Thanks! I’m just starting to get into Prokofiev and I like his 7th sonata quite a bit. It’s a very different language from 18th and 19th century works but very unique and powerful in its own right.

Agreed, but possibly you misunderstand me. I know that no amount of words can ever do justice to a great work of music, but in my opinion a few words about what you find special about a piece really helps me appreciate. For example, if someone was trying to get into Mahler 2, I could point out a few things that I found very special about the first movement, such as the brilliance of the orchestration, the seamless transition from the first subject to the second subject, the sudden contrasts and mood swings, and the overall emotional intensity and grandness of Mahler’s vision.

I do agree that the majority of these insights come from my own repeated listenings though, however I think it would be interesting to know what to listen for in these types of 20th century works.

One special thing about Prokofiev’s music is his dark humour. I have heard that he was a pretty shitty person.

fro me tha Kapell prick 3 iz tha mozt legendary concerto rec ever on par with Richter and rocky 2

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Richter said he was the kind of person who would do you in lol.

Love the 3rd concerto. I love the 2nd, but I think the 3rd is a better piece. Its much more colorful than the 2nd. I always think of the 2nd concerto as sounding like industry, machines, power and revolution. Im not one of these people who sees music in colour, but if I did, it would be silver/grey, and the 3rd would be yellow/red.

The 3rd concerto sounds like the dawn of a new morning in spring. It has such a feel good opening as though its a new start. It starts with waking up, glimmers of sunshine breaking through the curtains, then your up and into the hussle and bustle. I love that part around half way through the 1st movement where is sounds like you have gone into a fantasy land -

And then those ascending triads which lead into the glissandos are great.

The second movement, I love the first scale which introduces the piano. You get that sigh which ends each variation which is nice. This is a great variation, its just weird and boisterous -

The slow variations after this are beautiful, then the ending of the movement is just great huge octaves jumping about, then sturming up and down the keyboard, and the staccato section over the theme in the orchestra… Love it.