Teofil Richter

Found on youtube youtube.com/watch?v=FVIkC76Ar3s his composition “Alt Wien”, played (very beautiful and with good taste) by his son Sviatoslav.
Is there any chance that someone has sheet of this waltz?

Not likely.

is that audio clip real?

Yes, it is

Amazing how even on a badly recorded, out of tune piano it’s unmistakably SR. There’s a link to a breathtaking Schubert “little” A major in there. One of my favorite films of him - so intense it’s hard to watch, I find.

True, I think that D.664 vid is absolutely stunning - same goes for all Richter Schubert, imo.

But then, according to Schiff, it is quite absurd how we Westerners are fascinated by Russian musicians’ maltreatment of the classics. :smiley:

zchiff iz a cg prick

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I know Schiff says a lot of bs in interviews, but I doubt he meant Richter, he’s too competent an artist to not realize that SR is on another planet than his own playing. He was probably pissed of because Lazar Berman’s D960 outsold his (and it is a really horrible recording - I had it on lp).

Well, the comment in question was on the subject of Haydn:

““Haydn did not have anybody to champion his music. Alfred Brendel is
the only pianist who has regularly programmed, performed and
recorded much of it on a very high level. Sviatoslav Richter, one of
the greatest artists, played a lot of Haydn, but I do not think that
he contributes greatly to our understanding of the composer. Nor is
Haydn among Richter’s strongest performances. (Russian culture and
Viennese Classicism are very remote from each other, and it is quite
absurd how people in the West are fascinated by Russian musicians’
maltreatment of the classics.)””

I believe this was taken from Liner notes from one of his CDs.

I like Berman’s d 960. It owes a lot to SR, i.e. the tempo in the first movement.

I believe you’re thinking of the later (Live) one on Brilliant Classics, which is quite decent.

The earlier Studio rec is weak.

yeah that’s the one.

ahaha da maltreatment

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