Test rec with my new mic

Don’t judge my playing. I’m just posting this so in support of the microphone I bought. If you value your playing, you owe it to yourself to buy one of these - even the cheap one, like i bought.


Also good, are mics made by Giant Squid - cheap too.

Giant Squid

So anyway, here’s a decent sample of my soundpro mic:


And yes, my dog randomly decided to bark halfway in. And I had to cut off 3/4 through cuz the phone rang. tru

And some random Chopin


wikid sound :ziff:

Tiz too late too avoid zounding denze, but you’d juz plug tha mic into an audio device wiz recording capabilitiez, or duz the mic have a propietary ztorage zyztem :question:

The recordings have great sound too.

Yeah, my MP3 player has a powered microphone port. Just plug in an external mic and it’ll record straight into WAV onto the hard disk.

Most mp3 players don’t have a powered mic port though, so you would need a battery box to power the mic.

Tru, n pozt tha complete sheeyatz later :chop:

Tru, I will record them seriously in a bit.

gensui 8)

What piano(s) did you use for these? #1 sounds like large European/American grand of some sort, but #2 seemed to be something else - Yamaha/Kawai maybe?

I was thinking of getting either a zoom H4 all in one recorder or a pair of rode nt5 condensers (and a mixer) for my 21st. The rode will probably give better sound but the usability would be less, plus you have to keep the mic dry (shouldn’t actually be a problem in oz) Anyone familiar with these?

Both are the same small Yamaha 4’11’’ grand.

The first one the mic was far away - second one it was right in there.

Brew, have a look at the Edirol R-09 - It’s hands down better than the Zoom H4. Even without ext mic, the Edirol is Legendary

Wow, that’s quite a difference. The tone on #1 was impressive.

would you recommend these for bootlegging as well?

or are they better for close range?

Definitely - excellent for bootlegging

…The black clips and eyelets certainly look very handy for capturing the unleashings of mofos without their consent. :doc:

that sounds better than my 2 expensive mics with a duo usb pre-amp, even when I had a “pro” come and mic my 88. too bad ipod isn’t zet up for that

Tru, Ipoo is shit

I don’t give a shit about yah mics (though they are surely good) But you play damn beautifully!!!

Damn, that was just some random scribbling. I’ll post some serious recs in a bit. But thanks! :blush:

The sound quality is impressive, especially given the price. Could you perhaps post something with a lot of dynamic range? just wondering whether the mics can take playing at the extremes. Also what was your mic placement? did you just clip them on a random chair or something? btw I will look into the edirol. Maybe edirol with those mics externally might sound better.

Hey! very nice sound!