tezt yo interp zkillz

tru da correct interp of diz claim iz:

  • da wibi learnt it from zcratch in 5 dayz den perf it
  • da wibi took 5 dayz to make a ztudio rec of it
  • da wibiz perf clocked in at 5 dayz
  • da wibi iz juz full of sheeyat
  • it iz wut it iz

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tru how wud u interp diz ambiguouz claim:

Wibi soerjadi did rachmaninoff’s 3th in 5 days

da zource: http://pianosociety.com/new/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=4540&sid=159ad60d0cf11d9567254a27dc3e11cd :whale:

hahahahah damn tha rob forcd votin decizio 8)


must b complete bullshit. I mean five dayz?!

pozz tha 3th moment m*zikal?

I believe it.

I mean his rec is terrible… 5 days feels about right.

It took Richter TWO MONTHS to learn Bartok 2… Rach 3rd is for sissies.

hahahah tha winnah

I don’t get it?


ul pozzibly?? 8)

took da ZIFF juz a couple weekz 8)

I believe Ziff took about the same amount of time. But listening to the Ziff premiere and the Richter Premiere, I’ll take the Richter anyday.

ahaha no

da wibi probably learned it on and off for months but never seriously intended to finish it.

i think da claiming 5 days is pozz when he really wanted to finish it up by putting all da sections he randomly learned in the past together. that’s my thought.

hahaha da kritty randomly pozzibly tru

he fucked around zitereadin diz befo

n den zpnt 5 dayz n focuzze n committed it to memoruy tru

didn’t da LUGY learn Rach 3rd in 3 days??? fuuuuuck. :rock: :stop:

ha who believez dat.


i learn Rach 3 in 2 days

starting tomorrow

hahaha u fuckah i vil learn thiz sheeyatt rryt now

i maztahed it w/o touching da keyboard.