tha GOD - Pass-a-drag-of-that-shwaglia

Shwag iz whut u call sheeyat pot

  • Tru bezt piece of tha 20th century
  • good moistah
  • moderately good. but only for tha fury
  • I c
  • I guezz its good but only cuz tha GOD wrote it
  • No. FUCK OFF
  • hahah worzt piec of tha 20th century

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Bezt solo piece of tha 20th century? vote.

i don’t know if it’s the best, but it is certainly in my top 10. On certain days, it is my on others not so much.

I’d say one of the greatest along with:

Scrib Sonatas 4-10, Flamme
Prok Sonatas 3, 7 etc.
Rach Sonata 2, Prels, M-Ms
Ravel Gaspard
Medtner Sonatas
Debussy sheeyatz

i, being rediculously white, have no idea what you’re talking about.

Xenakis Herma is the best song of the 20th century.

who votd for me to fuck off?

show urself n u will git 52 ziffroz :shrimp:

i’m one of dem


i want to give you respec for ur fabulous avatar. :ziff:

hahaha respec

tha ziffroz hath been sent :doc: