tha RECTUM 39/1 fazezt evah pozz

TRU iz thiz tha zame rec tha CHRIZ poztd many yearz ago undah tha title “tha rectum rec that putz all otha 39/1 to zhame” or zum zheeyat lyk that?

alzo iz it zumhow altrd or mezzd up cauzin it to be thiz zpeedy, tha weird tym travellah zound at tha beginning iz odd

tru i wud lyk to believ thiz iz in fact a legit faztezt evah zheeyat we zhud all azpir to :rectum: :gav: 8)

pozz pozt ne comparabl recz or not :gav:

Richter is outstanding is this repertoire, but I have to say I much prefer his later recordings of this Etude! It’s not really about speed for me, it’s about tone, darkness & drama.

I’ll have to go through the recs later to check, but given his 10/4 I doubt it’s altered.
Having said that, I don’t like this rocket played this fast; you can barely hear what he’s playing (sound quality doesn’t help either).


FUCKKKKKKK DA ROBBAH zmooth re-entry tech a bit legendary!!! 8)

n TRU diz rec zound lyk tiz in da correct tempo

da themadick RH figahz of diz zong juz becummah a zeriez of arpeggiated OCTO-chordz at diz zpeed pozz n zhud be a relatively penizdick zheeyat

or da zepp cud be talkin out of hiz azz conzidahrin he haz barely attempted diz clazzic many eonz ago :sunglasses:

Hahaha diz a clazzic!!!

Randomly da Gold Standard is da CUDA 1940 classic rec

Randomly I vastly prefer da CUDA before 1947
Dun ban me, but he became a different penizt aftah da war tru

I would ban you for liking him at all if I could :wink:

Hahaha if I had to pick ONE cuda rec?

1935 Fingerfuck Fant

Am I the only one who thinks Gilels was never the same smooth golden age mofo aftah da war?

Tru, this is the rec from London, 15 June 1966.

Chris, do you hear a distinct shift in the CUDA style after 1947 or so?

Ok I’ll shut my mediocre jew cunt yap up 8)