ahahahah fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a random zcrib unleazh!

:ho: :whale: :gav:

tru tiz tha nu bez perf of thiz piece :doc:

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Woah amazing, has he recorded more things?

rob, did he ever give you any bootlegs you wanna share with us? 8)

It’s a terrific performance, it has some of the good elements of Horowitz’s …but unlike VH, Turini is actually playing the LH notes!! One of my new favorites!

da neuhauz iz unmatched in da 1:39 part :rectum: :stop:

i do know in 2002 o 3 he performd tha chopbalz live and a friend at uni recorded the radio broadcazt but i havnt been abl to find them :chop:

therz a hr12 in tha relatd vidz, and i kno he playd that piece back in tha day, but fo zum reazon it dun zound lyk tha TURNIP :pimp: :stop:

Actually, randomly Ruth Laredo murders on 42-5, but even more-so on 42-6. They are owned by Warner, so I can’t upload them to youtube.

Actually, Warner recently came to an agreement with Youtube.

Gimme a second. I will try. Da zkep is randomly not on his own computer, so this may take just a bit.

Must download Rhapsody and Soundtaxi.

Time stamps:

No. 2- 1:57
No. 3- 3:15
No. 4- 4:14
No. 5- 5:58*
No. 6- 8:51*
No. 7- 10:33
No. 8- 11:35

No. 5 is faster than any of the recordings above, but No. 6 is really a tru legendary SDC unleazh.

This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
Sorry about that.


"No action is required on your part. Your video is still available worldwide. "

wtf. all da othah WMG vidz work. Juzt tezted dem. Makez no fuckin sense.

1 zec

Etudes 5/6^

Zum1 remind me to upload diz whole releaze ven I get to 100 poztz.

hahahah dayum diz midi interpr 8)

Hahahah REZPEC


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hahahahah rezpec! a lot of zheeyat i haffnt heard befo lyk tha 10/1 :sunglasses:
ztill liztenin to thiz ZHOE zong tru it juz finizhd az i type thiz ZHOE ZON cummah now :lib:


I hope this mofo has sort of a jascha spivakovsky renaissance. Where all sorts of good recs come out even though he keeps under radar with girth through lifetime.

Call Ainley.

I can’t take anybody seriously whose name is phonetically “Anally”… though I like his posts.


Don’t you mean, you like his post? :sunglasses: