The caustic wit of Moritz Rosenthal

When told that Schnabel had been rejected from the army: “What do you expect? No fingers!”

When a fellow pianist was presented with a petition to sign, but only a tiny space was left and he annoyingly asked, “What can I write here?”–Rosenthal replied, “Your repertoire.”

And my favorite: Upon hearing DePachmann play 25/6, he wryly comments, “Now you have the tempo, you can put in the 3rds.”

Supposedly, he was able to play the chromatic 3rds in DJ with BOTH hands–prompting Brahms to come up afterwards and say, “dayum…will you play my Paganini Variations?”


Aftah first seeing Paderewski perform live he comes out of da concert ans sayz “Well, he playz well, but he’s certainly no Paderewski!” or something to dat effect.


Rosenthal a true genius :pimp:

-da Meph

i love about DePachmann…btw did he record Paganini Variations?

Friedman, though was the only pianist who was able to diss him back:

*Rosenthal and Friedman meet on a train platform"

Rosenthal: “My Ignaz you’ve gotten grey!”

Friedman: “Yes…but naturally!”


From da Alan Walker Liszt bio:
Anton Rubinstein had composed a mazzive yanke doodle variation. So Liszt decided to splitt it into different parts for his students to learn becuase they were going to perform it. Sadly this task was to big for the students(the finest in europe) so Rosenthal just learned it all :doc:

-da Meph

I see you know how to read a book…

haha da badass Roses :pimp:
da Alan Walker Liszt bio should be excellent too


I see you know how to read a book…

And what book is the last story from then?


fuck if i know…the previous quotes r from schoenberg and its a damn good book indeed, i just done getting it from da library, never read it completely, but its rly interesting

Nice to see that your snide comment was justified, then.
(and the last quotes aren’t actually from the Schonberg book).


iz “caustic wit” da scholar equivalent of “CG”?

hahahha, diz a bit too GENSUI translation. :rectum:

wtf?? da condescendin remark? mild disrespec.