The Chopin Touch - Jean-Yves Thibaudet

Speaking about documenraries that are not on Youtube - I was wathich long time ago fantastic documentary about Philharmonia Orchestra. Does anyone maybe have it?

Nope, maybe their Facebook page?

Here’s a concert I liked - 100 years of Cinema film music.
There’s a LOT of catchy stuff and some tunes I didn’t even know were film titles. The setting is probably the most amazing thing though.
I think the orchestra plays the swing numbers the best surprisingly.

Speaking of cinematic film. Michel Legrand just passed away (yesterday or the day before).

Here’s Berlin Phil NYE Concert 98 with Abbado.
Mozart, Verdi, Rossini

Robert Levin and Christopher Hogwood play Mozart 25. Remember not particularly liking it but might be worth a watch for the full improv cadenza and the continuo playing through the tuttis.

Here’s a Brahms doco I taped ages ago. Missing a minute or so off the end, tape ran out.

Where did you record these off? Did you get any performances?

There was an Andsnes documentary that I missed taping, but which was only shown once. I ended up getting it from cvx_melody but in pretty shitty quality. I think it was called « the sound of magic » or something like that. I would like to see that again.

I remember that one but I don’t think I recorded it.
I vaguely remember something I had which had a clip of da Gav and Ash playing the Rite, complaining it was hard. Might be an Ash doco come to think of it.