The Chopin Touch - Jean-Yves Thibaudet

Here you go mofos. Fresh of da VHS.


Thanks for pozting dawg. Tiz a enjoyable watch so far.

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Sorry to disappoint you mate but da speed of da vid seemz to b fucked, about a semitone too high/fast…it becomez comically obviouz when you hear da Thib talking at 31:53

Shite, I thought he sounded a bit weird at the start. I haven’t actually watched it. Will see if the original is the same.

Hah, so now when he plays that E-flat waltz on da Chop’s Pleyel, it should actually sound in E-flat.
How did you manage to do this btw?

Iirc the piano was tuned a semitone low in the original? Long long time since I’ve seen this vid though, so I could easily be wrong.

Yes, it was about a semi tone flat.

The eb nocturne is sounding in roughly eb so it should definitely be lower?

My recollection is that everything was sounding a semitone lower than written (that is 18th century tuning though, isn’t it? It was certainly the case when I played on an antique harpsichord.)

I didn’t see the absolute original admittedly, I found it on yt a long time ago.

So it’s VHS to DVD then ripping the DVD? I had a similar device in the early 2000s, it was a VHS and DVD player in one, you could also record things to DVD off the TV.

Actually, this one plugs directly to your computer.

Yep, uses the monitor as a TV and records off of it.

I think I know what happened. The movie ended up out of sync and when I synched, it sped up the frame rate,
Will try again.

Here we go :chop:
In all its semitone flat glory.


Very nice, thanks! Right, now that the pitch is fixed, let’s work on trying to get sound on both of my speakers. :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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I enjoyed that a lot. Randomly, I wonder what composers of that time or earlier would say if they heard their pieces at A440? Do we know what tuning standard Chopin used?

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I think it was something that’s called unequal temperament, but I don’t know specifically.
For a change, I read an interesting discussion about it on pianoworld

I don’t think I would be able to tell that that piano was not equal temperament unless someone told me. I really wonder if the people in that thread can actually hear the difference. A438 still sounds like an A to me, even A435 (albeit flat). Only when it goes to A430ish would it sound like Ab. So if Chopin used A435 and unequal tempered, it would still sound in the “right” key to my ears. I actually like to hear a beautifully in tune equal-tempered piano, when I go to concerts. At least I assume they’re equal-tempered. Sometimes I have issues hearing violinists and singers (even great ones like Oistrakh) because it sounds out of tune to me. Presumably this is from listening to so much piano.

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On these vintage pianos, I love listening to various sorts of unequal temperament, because some intervals, harmonies and keys have a more intimate, colourful, individual, “rich” sound & character…hard to describe in words.

I’ve dug up a few other things I had that aren’t on da tube - A doco on Brahms (with boobs if I sheeyat correctly), a Berlin Phil New Years Eve concert and Levin with WASO doing Mozart which I remember being pretty awful but that was pre my any interest in HIP practices so I’ll see.

Trouble is the internet is so sheeyat I’ll have to see how I go uploading them. One vid came to 4gb; I left it for over an hour and had done 3%.

da ztupidity of da da 88world
imagin da fuckin :chop: retunin all hiz 88 each time he changez key :joy:

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