The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur


Dis iz pretty gensui stuff, kind of a mix of jazz n electronica wiff a downtempo feel. Dis iz their latezt, releazed lazt july. Less jazzy than da previous onez, but still great stuff.

Dis iz da UK releaze (da US az only 10 trackz instead of 11).

Dere are guestz on nearly every track;
Patrick Watson (I pozted his album a while ago, LEGENDARY stuff) on #1, 4, 7, 10
Lou Rhodes on #4 & 11
Fontella Bass on #2 & 9

i vil DL becuz da covah look a bit like my homleand :rock:


hahaha i c


to be honest, i wasn’t too into kings of leon,

but this is pretty cool,

the artist name is definitely accurate.

I vill listen to dis on da train home.