The Dark Side of Piano Competitions (Herald Tribune)

Seems like finally someone puts it in writing… … hnson.html

Too bad they don’t give out more examples and more names.

Another (totally unrelated, of course) piece of news… … 86343.html

Ha ha, da two rack


But seriously, this has been pissing me off for quite a while now! Hope that article can get spread around. There has to be another way around the competition circuit…

new york herald tribune!

Tsuji’s win had NOTHING to do with compassion, this moron lost me right there. Personally I don’t care for either Schiff’s or Tureck’s Bach. My teacher gave me the latter’s partitas and they were awful. I don’t doubt that inimical motives mar the judging process though.

you think that if Tsujii was born with his sight and everything that his disaster of an appassionata wouldn’t have disqualified him? his is an amazing story, but he definately didn’t deserve gold

well who did then? everyone there fucked up at some stage.

Neither did Zhang. Sure he’s a technique monster who showed some skills at Gaspard etc, but he didn’t convince me as a musician. In fact I haven’t relistened to any of his Cliburn Competition performances since then while I did relisten to some other competitors’ performances.


Here’s what da Bullit told journalist Elyse Mach, explaining why he had
decided to refuse to be a judge at any more competitions:

“…today…a young artist cannot make a career without the
competition route. Who wants to engage a young pianist today unless
he or she has won a major international competition? There isn’t a
manager…who would engage a non-winner. And as much as I despise
the system, were I a young man on my way up today, I would probably
have to enter the competitions. And now that would be a disaster for
me! If in a competition I as a contestant were seated behind a
screen, I would be eliminated in the first round. My style of
playing would be against me. My kind of piano playing is not the
kind of playing that wins competitions, and for that reason alone I
am dead set against competitions. Despite what the audience may
appreciate as beautiful music, my music is not, if you will,
‘competitive’ because it is too personal, too individual’ it’s too much me…”

Tru, i always bring up the often-asked question: which one of the great pianists do you think would win a competition if they stepped on a stage today?

the obvious answer is probably none of them. what a travesty

hahaha diz iz y da youtube generation iz important

a peniz vil build a cult followin round da world

and meanwhile, bigtime exposure is limited to impoverished soulless idiots while the musicians with something to say play for crowds of 100 their entire careers. hardly seems like an important ‘generation’ :frowning:

haha hafin zumsheeyat to say only workz on da mofoz wantin to hear it

Yeah and everyone silently thinks he has something important to say, and everone at a conservatory thinks they have a totally surprising new view on the music they play :\ .

haha letz analyze da mofoz hu pozt here n da MT

do u mofoz think dey/u dezerve to play big venuez n be a fairly big name in da circuit?

if zo, y? n y do u think it hazn happend?

haha juz da moz legendary onez :rectum: :gav: :orgy: :whale:

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Yeah, cuz if you don’t know my name, then I’ll KILL YOU!!! :smiling_imp:

well, i enjoyed it. IMO if there was a something that probably should have prevented him from advancing, it would be the first few of his chopin etudes. otherwise, i felt that he held his own quite steadily against the others who noticeably dropped in quality as the competition progressed (read: fuck you, di wu). his second round was much, much better than his first. i’m sure he’ll have lasting power as an artist, whereas zhang is questionable

and while we’re talking about cliburn winners, here’s a little update on da KOBRAH: he applies for the same shitty college jobs that koji and i do and gets rejected even quicker. right now, there are FIVE cliburn prize winners confirmed to be on the job market.


btw i just listened ran dank here in spain… pretty good… tomorrow plays vassilis