The Fatty’s Official “Finished Transfers” thread

I do. There’s nothing like a good ol’ train wreck!

lmao daim son.

Wasn’t the rumor he was so unprepared the engineer refused to work with him again when they were piecing together the first album. This possibly internet folklore but is meaning behind milf joke.

A ton of splicing was involved in many of the official Horowitz CBS recs. Never sought out most of his studio recordings from that era. His live 1960’s stuff with works he played for decades, are imo much much more interesting in every way.

Notably the Schumann Toccata was spliced bar by bar. His early 1930’s rec in one take is very nice.

If a modern mofo played it like that - instantly crucified for left hand notes not being prominent enough / quasi faked. My fave rec of it tru :sunglasses:

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That doesn’t really make sense to me, considering he’s been playing this stuff since the 90’s…but who knows.

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I mean, there’s editing because you can’t ever do it live, and you can’t play the fucking piece, not even if Santa came down chimney, help you aim your cock as you took a piss between takes, with the fucking tooth fairy granting you a wish to play the piece clean once in your life.

and there is OCD editing because you might just want something in a really specific way and you’re a studio working bitch style of pianist. There was a reason why Rachmaninoff wanted to do like 20+ takes of the Mendy Spitting Dong, and it wasn’t because he couldn’t play it. Lmao.


The second scenario seems more plausible. Pogo doesn’t have the superhuman dexterity he had between 1980 and 1995, but he can definitely still play and even in his weirdest interps he still manages moments of tremendous beauty.

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That being said, I’m very much against the modern “let’s record every work of composer x” and the pianist comes in the studio without ever playing this stuff live, it’s not even memorized (not “internalized”) and it’s sometimes nothing more than a mere execution of the notes, “sampled” across endless takes.


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what is dis website?

Evolution of :croatia: peniztz


The fatty think is BS, my guess is pogo was tough to record with even before the arthritis limited his perfecto prep style. Dun remember where I heard this either, maybe sour grapes from independent label that did Idagio stuff when Sony snapped him up?

Can’t argue with charts!


I return to regular turntables!

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This at the right 800 / 8 turnover roll off. Way noisey but tonality not as fucked maybe.

Hmm this Czerny disc broke when I was cleaning it for a cleaner redo. Sad!

Progress on the old stuff

Da final after much unfuckery.