The FTYFTM savings squandered on mind blowing record cartridge technology

I’ve been looking deeeeply into how record cartridges are designed and was basically - like that is some fucked up shit, just why? fuck them and their fucked shit.

I ended up corresponding with a lead engineer at DS audio who makes an optical assembly coupled with a super light weight mechanical pickup. It solves a lot self inflicted problems with cartridges and record playback in general. The good news is he will eventually also produce a 78rpm compatible version but its a few years out.

So long story short, here is a transfer of a richter melodya rach prelude from a record that hadn’t even been cleaned!!!

I just took down rumble and declicked at 1.0 for some pops in rx7 and nothing else. I haven’t even used the microscope to align it yet.


I’ll clean this record and maybe post more if I have time.

Why do enjoy spending your time on this?

Its fascinating! Also slightly cheaper than drugs.


Better than buying call options, gaining 1000% and then going to zero

And then

Do it all over again!

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Here what this sounds like with cleaning up. Is Cziff Lezzbo etude that was pure rape before even with lots of work.

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Hahaha in 20 yrz da FATMOFO gonna pay $5 million fo a SpaceX ticket juz to get dat perfect 78rpm zpin in zero gravity :sunglasses:


… hehe knowing its already available in a flawless CD transfer tru!

And get rewarded with $50,000 worth of CGI/VR while SPACE SEX pockets da rest, as the earth IS flat, and “space” is a myth

What you guys think of this Ho Scarlatti post cleaning?

I think if I get good enough LPs I can get some insane sound quality out now…

this is awesome man thanks for posting the recs :sunglasses:

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Daim, dis sheeyat soundz fiiiiine!

What’s the magic cartridge (or is it a secret :spy: )?

I got a DSE1 it comes with the phono but it was a huge splurge for my meager self. I LOVE it.

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