The Fury

It seemed like it would be a piano lesson like all others; I was wrong. I should have known since all day long I felt a monster inside me waiting to burst open. Well, I was in the waiting room and my nice piano teacher opened that fateful door and said the chilling words, “Lesson will start”. I entered her room, sat on the bench, opened my Chopin Etudes book, and put it on Revolutionary Etude.
“Proceed.” she said.
I started playing the piano cooly, semi-detached, quasi-bored, and felt like I was wasting my time. She made me play it twice. She stopped me short when I was about to start the third time, and asked:
“How do you feel about this piece? Ready for recital? This etude is awfully hard…”
I couldn’t believe my ears. To say this simple etude is hard was amazing to me. I then said, “I was born ready.” I closed my lips and said nothing else in the manner of Rachmaninoff. I noticed this bugged my teacher and she said: “You play it wonderfully, but I wonder…can you play a little bit faster?” This insulted me…did she not know who she was talking to?
I instantly felt my veins swell up, my blood was rushing, and my fingers were burning. I popped my colar, put my aviators on, unfixed my hair, let it fall on my face, threw my hands up in the air, and in a fit of fury unleashed the greatest sound ever made on the piano-however, here is the catch: It was a be-octaved Revolutionary Etude. The monster within was finally out. Every crescendo was horrifying, the speed made Cziffra turn in his grave and Liszt cursed his fingers. It was all pandemonium in the room; the teacher could not believe her ears. It was not the sound of a piano. The notes flew like bullets from a machine gun. An octave-Revolutionary Etude! The ending was so tremendous that the earth shook.
I stood up, picked up my books, and left the room without saying a word and went home. I had made history. 8)





da gensui

hahahaha pozt a rec u mofo 8)

edit: pleaze 8)

Muh bad self tried recording it numerous timez, but technology is not so advanced to record the sound faster than the speed of light, you moron! The tape blew up, I cant record it… :ziff: < this guy rolled in his grave…

hhahaha arguably