The Gavrilov maybe too much T?

piano def needs a rape kit after this…

Full version of this kinda thing…

I happen to like it.

Tech is tech and pedigree is pedigree.
He’s a throughbred and it comes thru each time.

Da GAV at in his so-called decline, still a titan.

Listening with headphones rig now.

The compelte version below is actually pretty fucking epic…

Ignore the top one the piano is sheeeyat

Overposting but this is insterein and why his piano dissolved maybe

Tchaik 1st complete

Ukrainian Symphonic Rock Ensemble of Aware Musicians


I was asking Gavrilov about this -

“Yes, for the last 150 years nobody did GRAND concertos without conductor.I have to say after I tried it (Rach3, Tchaik 1, Ravel left hand etc) I cannot play anymore with conductors.Other freedom, other dimension, other power.”

I used to like his playing, I think hes a bit extreme now. He seems to see himself as some kind of God/second coming. I think he was quite liberal with his anecdotes about Richter recently and seems to have stabbed him in the back a bit. Hes gone really strange, maybe some breakdown? I heard he was into drugs at some point, but I have no idea how accurate that is.

I’m with simonme20 on Gavrilov. He’s improved a little in recent years again, but fell harder than any other pianist except Pogo during the 1990s (and curiously during the exact same years, if for very different reasons). He could seriously play back in the 70s and 80s though, before his cocaine habits went completely overboard there around 1989. I can accept him for another 4-5 years somewhere from there, but the heart just wasn’t in it in the same way anymore, and you can tell he was having issues. EMI reportedly had problems with him already in the 1980s, which I think was what inofficially had them part ways in 1989, and I have a recital with him somewhere here from a few years later where he simply walks off in the middle of a live broadcast! It’s almost become a signature move of his - last I heard of it was just a few years ago, when he left the building through the fire escape only minutes before he was to play a Rach-3 in Russia, for which Ghindin happened to be present and saved the day by replacing him on the shortest notice in history.

I don’t always think Gavrilov was great even in his prime, and certainly not the god he saw himself as, but he was very impressive and has left some excellent things. Try his Tchai-3 on EMI for instance, or his Helsinki Chopin Etudes (never officially released, but widely circulated among pianophiles). Aside from his formidable button pushing abilities he had this remarkable way of keeping an electric tension in the air even across slow and rather loosely structured works, which is a quality I don’t think he’s been given enough credit for. He’s usually associated with these fluffy pieces for his dexterity and take-no-prisoners approach to the piano, but I think there was more to him than that.

Too much T fits perfectly his attitude already in the early years.
I remember talking to him after a recital in the late 70’s, and after making many compliments I only mentioned Sokolov as another young pianist I admire, he looked at me like ‘Sokolov, who the hell is that?’.

This one-tme speedster is turning it into a Metal concert. I find he bangs way too much since the mid '00s or so. There’s a funny video of him on Youtube, I think playing Scarbo, amateur film, of him repeatedly slamming his foot into the pedal. He lost his patience and his speed yo.

This concert is quite bizarre. He does some really odd things, but there are also moments which are really nice. He kind of screws up the end. The whole thing is littered with weird gestures.
The part I linked to, I have never heard that part played that way in the left hand. He plays wrong notes looking at the score, whether thats intentional or not I have no idea , sounds like its on purpose to create a counter melody or something.
Does anybody have any idea what he is saying in between each movement?
He still has bags of technique!
I also like how he named his YouTube channel ANDREI GAVRILOV CULTURE CHANNEL haha

I think the guy was a brilliant pianist and sometimes an excellent musician but has some kind of crazy ego and personal issues that prevents him from judging himself properly.

Pretty much.
He’s washed up, I’m not expecting some miraculous rebirth.

he’s trying to be a new Richter? 8) :rectum:

What was it Richter said about him? It would be better if he were less pleased with himself?

well, we know what Gavrilov said about Richter - that bit about Richter wanting Gavrilov to go fetch his panties :dong: (in his book)

Gavrilov… what a cunt to publish trash like that

Trying to stay relevant I guess.
Dude’s even more unhinged than Pogo.
Pozzibly. :gav:

At least Pogo’s current interps sound LEGIT (when you speed them up 30% in audacity)


Does it bother anyone else that da Gav calls his music talks Unzipped Classical Music?

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