The greatest Chopin 10-1

Dino Ciani


Nevah heard of him

I vill download

His Chop noctures are among the best.
Also he delivers solid Debussy.

thiz one iz inzanely wikid but mah perzonal fav happen to be tha LIVE chop comp MT rendizh 8)

much rezpec fo thiz tho :stop: :stop:

tiz tru

randomly, tiz piece sounds better at 2 mins imo.


Thanks for this, but Argerich from Chopin competition is still my favorite…

da zepp’s is till my favorite

ajsjajajajajahahahaha i finally cummah around to hear diz perf!!!

n randomly tiz juz…

WIKID, but dun haff a sheeyat dat truly ztandout.

if u judge it in individual categoriez lyk zpeed, fury, accuracy, evennezz, articulation, voicin, rhythm, cg, originality etc, tiz harzhly dun entah top10 in any of dem.

all da TRU CLAZZIC 10/1z haff at leazt one ztandout gensui, lyk da ZIFF cg articulation n da MT evenezz + ztunninly fluid voicin

in de end i wud rank diz rec above

da orgy chopcomp n below

da RAZTA :stop: :stop: :stop:

ahahaha n rezpec da fauzt 8)

totally wtf 8)

great performance