The Hatto Emoticon

Respect to my legendary MSpaint skilz

she looks like a ghozt.


hahah wikid. Dere hath nevah been an appropriate replacement for da skep emote. rezpec

AHAHAHAHAHAHA added to da gensui iz da fact dat:

zhe look lyk a man 8)

and yet randomly sounds like a little girl :whale:


a bit Barriozhit-Coupe in drag???

emphaziz on da ‘con’

Requez da DNEPHI Emoticon:
Haha removed :whale:

Datz a mouth full o’ cookie.


i c now why u choze tha hawking to reprezent u pozz :gav:

Randomly explain?


tru da mouth iz pulled tight because I was randomly in the middle of a picture and wuz trying to pretend I wuz not eating a cookie, :ho: .

ahahahah tha hatto hommage :shrimp:

No tiz more of a comme homagge.

hhahahah tha comme iz online

haha fuckk