The most Unjustly Neglected Pianist

This isn’t about your favourite pianist - but rather about the pianist who you think - RELATIVE to their fame and recognition - has been neglected the most.

There are 2 kinds - legends of the past who’s legacy exists in recordings, and current legends who are still performing.

Even amateurs are permitted! As we all know many great pianists who haven’t even managed to sustain an economically viable career unfortunately.

The thing is, some of these pianists are either happier teaching, or are otherwise uninterested in being itinerant musicians. Fiorentino barely played outside of Italy until the last decade of his life, for example. Lazare-Levy was also not a ‘pusher’ (unlike Marguerite Long). Is it fair to say that pianists who don’t seek recognition are unjustly neglected, when they may have been satisfied with the careers they’ve had?

There are probably a lot of young pianists or youngish pianists who haven’t given up on becoming famous performers but don’t have great careers. I’m thinking back to all those competitions we used to watch in the early days and we’d see the same names turn up time and again (often in the finals). They probably still hope to have performing careers, but have been completely forgotten (no matter what their bios say).

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There are lots, but Goldsand, Gheorghiu, Joyce, Farrell, Mewton-Wood should have had larger careers or at least be more well known today. Rana, Tyson, Noack, Fray of today’s pianists - at least Rana should be where Wang & Trif are me thinks. Barda, Ovchinnikov, Bozhanov earlier in their careers.

Rana’s doing pretty well, I think. Noack I would like to see more. Tyson’s more likely to be a ‘cult’ pianist imo and maybe Noack too (due to his rep).

Tozer isn’t that well known compared to how he should be, his Medtner set was a revelation after I’d only heard the Hamelin set. Such technically crisp but warm emotive playing.

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There’s a few people I’ve found on YT who I think play, in cases, absolutely exquisitely, but seem virtually unknown.


Possibly, but he did get hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from our PM. I only heard him in the 2000s when he was an alcoholic and very inconsistent.

Great characterful perf of a neglected masterwork!

And this is some WIKID playing! Fun style-brillante piece.

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I read a bit about this but don’t know the full story. Is he disliked/criticized for that?

Somewhat. From what I understand, at the time the feeling was he was being favoured because he was ‘close’ to the PM. Even some of his friends spoke out against it. Without the grants, however, he would never have made that Medtner series.

but in fairnezz i dun think tha TURNIP wantd to be well known tho :ho:

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Egon Petri.

Living: Fredrik Ullen.

Many others. These are just two pianists I thought about right now.

Haha well who knows! At least da teaching is going well, have some pretty talented ones right now.

And true - there are so many legends who don’t get the attention they deserve. Don’t even know where to start, really. For example talking about Japan, it’s bizarre that even decades after his death the recordings of Anatoly Vedernikov are only well-known in this country plus Russia. Everywhere else he’s still pretty much unknown, while he was one of the top Soviet peniszts IMO.


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