The National - Alligator


Their third album, came out in 2005. Wikid sheeyat, especially Abel, pozz mah fav on dis.

Tru, I just dl’ed this the other day and it’s legendary.

Boxer is great too.

thanks bud,

I’ll have some great stuff coming for you guys soon now that I finally have my CPU back.

haha rezpec, lookin’ forward to dat 8)

finally getting around to listening to this now. 8) and truth, this is great stuff. I saw these guys open for REM along with modest mouse; imo the whole opening slot shouldve been given to the national. They rawked. and then when modest mouse came on all these little punks shoved there way to the front and started moshing. Thankfully they left when REM came on. bitches.

So, randomly my CPU won’t start up.


dayum that sucks