The new release I've been DREAMING about … m_group=12


Will post as soon as it arrives

[Edit: Samples HERE ]

will be interesting to compare this to his earlier rec of the Nocturnes

Based on the samples, I think this must be better. Also, the earlier rec was only a few nocturnes, not the whole set, correct?

Either way, based on the incredible quality of Freire’s Decca recordings, you can be sure we’re in for a treat.

Yes, the old recording was just a selection of the nocturnes

juz liztenin zum random noct zetz on zpotify


Wikid :doc: (check da 15/3)

Weissenberg’s set is really quite aggressive. I only listen to it when I’m angry…

ahahahah fuck theze WEIZZ noctz 50 buckz on tha amazon :gav:

worhtwhile purchaze?

2 new from $49.98

3 used from $78.09 8)

alzo tru not to take thiz thread off topic zo…rezpec tha FRIAH :pimp:

hhahahaa truly
da unique angry ff 55/2 :chop: :chop: :chop:
haahahaha n rezpec da intenze 32/2 middle zec.

haha dayum I’ve nevah heard da Weiss noct.

N tru da Freire set will pozz be fuckin great.

tru, I’m sure these will be legendary.

woot, lookin forward, freire iz zmoothy

How about I just post them for you. :rectum: … 636&sr=8-1

Yeah, that Argerich disc is not nearly as good as I’d hoped.

never liked her Chopin, too aggressive for my taste

hahahahhahaha inzane thankz n rezpec :gav: :gav: :gav: :gav:

tru :rectum: