The Official What Zongz are you learning now thread

Seeing as these ‘official’ things are now a thing, perhaps us mofos could pozt what sheeyatz we’re working on at the moment for zum reazon I can’t think of right now.

Pour moi, azide from da million student exams, zum zolo zongz are

Berg Zon
Rach Kreisler Liebeslied (this is fuggen hard!)
Balakirev Lark
Grunfeld Strauss Soiree sheeyat
Grieg Lyric Sheeyatz


AHAHAHAH Da GREG lyric zheeyatz fuckkkkkk

I remembah da full book wiz all da opuzez togethah is a KAN op39 lengthed zheeyat :sunglasses:

Not at rape zpeed… :comme:

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AHAHAHA da zepp zumwut familiah wiz diz book tru. U can organize deze minimofoz into zum wikid prog ideaz

Lyk fo eg da LOTR TRI-FECTAH:

Elf dance
Mini troll
Troll March

:mage: :sunglasses:


Liszt Niobe :pimp:


:pimp: Beethoven-Liszt: Gottes Macht und Vorsehung S467/1
Bußlied S467/3 (fo pimpcomp selection)

:chop: 3 Mazurkas op 59, Ballade 1, et 25-10, noct 55-2 (fo chopcomp selection)

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Thats a lot of chop for a non chop-ite.
Your chick should cunvert you. All azians love :chop: :zepp:



da 15yr old TRUMOFO chop bal 1 already a chopcump finalizt level zheeyat :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHA da 55-2 fuckkkkkkkkkkkk :fire: :rice_ball:

alzo DAYUM da inzanely obzcure PIMP CUMP requirementz icic :sunglasses:

I’m gonna stick my dick out and do some Chopin.
I have not played much Chop becuz I felt not ready to mastah dat anti-percussive moizt stylee

But now I iz ready. Besides, if Chop players like da POON can pass… pretty much anyone can :sunglasses:

Da best Chopin playas is Friedman, Moiseiwitsch and Rosenthal.

No non-legato :zcholah: bangy shit allowed, fuck that, most Chop comp perfs is heresy :sunglasses:

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For most of June, I’ll be away from da 88, travelling in Europe.
Then from July, I plan to start a new program with solo sheeyat, cuntaining:
Bach French Sweet 6
:nigga: Opus 14/1
Shoeman/:pimp: Frühlingsnaked
:chop: sum ets


Hahaha dere’s a Greig LP called “At Your Feet”
Diz clearly a better choize for foot-fetizh videoz dan da Mendy:


a tru innovation in 88 vid choreography :sunglasses:

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ahahaha TRU yo own ztylee iz WIKID, particulahly da myztery mofo ztylee

da jury-approved interp ztylee at da big CHOP COMP go thru cyclez lyk FAZHION TRENDZ

in any given yr, da trendin ztylee cud be eithah:

or profound
or introzpective
or zcholah lyk zero-feelin urzext

dependin on wut iz trendin dat yr

u cud play da CHOP in GAV PRICK DIABLO TIP ztylee n ztill win :1st_place_medal: :sunglasses:

@mikey what do you make of Balakirev’s Lark?

Love it. I remember my teacher saying Balakirev is definitely an interesting composer which at first made me reassess Islamey. Then few weeks ago started going through other stuff but haven’t continued coz been busy. Want to get to the Sonata, apparently Kentner is a very good rec.

But yeh, the Lark is mostly very pianistic. The opening 2 pages while looking the easiest I think are the hardest ala chop 4th Ballade first few pages - balancing/voicing/controlling the LH. Good piece to have in the rep I think, a sort of Chopinesque Russian melancholy with a bit of Lisztian glamour.


That describes it pretty well…it’s very popular here in Japan, heard it many times.


Tru i remembah moz legend level mofoz dun really REZPEC diz zong n uzually only delivah a half-hearted :lib:-ztylee ziterape, lyk da GENIE n PLATE interpz

By far da bezt interp ive heard wuz from a random tube vid wiz production value >10k

Twuz pozz a chick penizt I can’t remembah

But def not da LOLA :sunglasses:


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I’ve actually never looked at it, but I like it too. Encouraging to hear it’s pianistic, although I’m really not sure I’d be able to make it sound good myself with all those rapid RH passages. They’re right on top of the melody too.

There are some really cool non-Islamey/lark pieces by Balakirev, like the 2nd Scherzo.