The Pag Etude 4 1838 (Possible time travelled Zeppet)

This cold run prove this not even fakeable. Respek this finger fuckery.

Also I was listening to TV during this for max mutli task. dun judge.

also bubbles

December 9, 2020 - YouTube


haha da CNN fake news interruptin diz rezpektable shred

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Was that Jazz you were playing?

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This the most fucked thing in e major ever

Twas the sound of a true brain cramp. I think even if I knew this it wouldn’t come out of the hands unless in muscle memory foo filet style.

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DAYUM??? Wtf???

Hahah Rezpek da

Semihard phone chargah hanging out.
And fuck Apple for getting rid of the standard headphone jack :fu:

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Ahahahah REZPEC, but diz wud only be a ZEPPET if done in 1:30 :dong:

Da zepp haff read thru diz a few tymz fo zhor n at da PIMP own zpeed tiz bazically feel lyk a normal brotha zon, to da zepp :sunglasses:

But diz et actually a quazi INZPIRATION fo a ZEPPET

cuz if u notice, da whole et iz bazically da PIMP tryin n failin to dizcovah DIZ TECH:

ahahaha zo cloze :sunglasses:


Da zeppet better fo sho.

Ahahaha m*zically :sunglasses:

da PIMP 1838 v2 harzhly reveal a klazzik PIMP cumpo weaknezz of:

When in doubt, diminizheeyat 7th

But tru diz zheeyat fun to rape thru fo zhor az u haff no doubt dizcovahed, tiz part of da journey to becummin a tru SDC legend, zo REZPEC YOZELF :sunglasses:


Hahah only in SUM early works, and keep in mind

It was a highly gensui move at da tym, pozz da equivalent of da

Scrib Myzdick sonorities like C-F#-Bb E-A-D#