The perfect INSTAGRAM piece? 1 minute limit

Instagram is VERY underused by pianists, most of my feed is big asses and fitness models!

Their video length limit is one minute, and most people use this to post short excerpts but…

Which pieces if performed in a TRU way - SD stylee - would be perfect to fit the whole thing into an Instagram vid.

The minute waltz.

Played at the tempo of a minute waltz. :sunglasses:

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3 seconds too slow! :wink:

Seriously, that was remarkably impressive. I remember there was some talk about him ca 2001-2003, but he actually failed to leave an impression on me at the time, and now I haven’t heard about him at all in 15 years.

Following this I understand why he has his own icon here however.

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Let’s juz cut off da final chord den

Nah. If he ever wants to be an Instagram star he shall have to play faster. :]

Da extrememofo haff diz covahed:

Lovely :woozy_face:

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Datz rite! We need a zepp unleash of diz clazzic ticklah!

AHAHAHAH TRU da ZKEPTO formally requezted diz exact zheeyat to be unleazhed in undah 30secz

da zepp a zl*w learnah zo he iz ztill workin on it :sunglasses: :stopwatch:

If you put on a random fox costume, da zkep will revise da requirements to

1 min o lezz :sunglasses:

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ahahahah da extrememofo zhud beware :sunglasses:


Mannn, I wuz lisztenin to zum Ozcar Peterzon juz now n now da zepp-godo 10/2 got a legit jazz zolo unleazh vibe!

N tru, da extreme mofo better get a

A gallon of lube

1 minutes eh?

Cziff bumble bee three times fastah!

: )

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