the pianists and what they practice

do ya know about different pianists, wut excersizes they practice/practiced?

Like da Horowitz do any excersizes, scales?

practice slowly/fast? high finger action?

i wanna know what pianists did wut

did anyone do Liszt excersizes?

Rumor zays da Gensuiking practized mainly “in mind” only, while, say, on tha plane.

horowitz doesn’t practice after he turns 30

Artur Rubinstein practiced chop 10-2 before concerts. He kinda said that it’s the best study to warm up ur fingahz.

Hans Von Bulow’s recommendation is to practice chop 25-8 6 times before recitals. 25-8 is definitely one of da more difficult etudes if unleashed sub 1 min.

Horowitz plays Hanon throughout his life. Don’t think it as a boring study. There’s something special, otherwise Horowitz wudn’t play it throughout his life.

HAHAHAHAHA bullsheeyat :rudy:

tiz wuz in da Franz Mohr’z book

hhaahahaha i ha v poiztgd thix lijk one hundred timez in the paqst it wud seem but hjere it iz agvasinm/;

tha ho prsctice regiment

rfzndomlyh typd thoixz poxztg wit gloveds on.,

:g:: practise? :unamused:


yeah, dis is all interestin stuff. Horowitz didn’t practice much afta 30, which is why his tech went down

Talked to Alexander Kobrin

he practices much slowly… fairly slow, very slow

also, at age 10-11, did much Hannon/tech excersizes.

Always does scales every day.

Excellent performance btw, did Schumann - C major Fantasie, Chopin 4 Scherzos, Nocturne op 9 no 3

b. Nothing mechanical helps the technique

  1. Formal exercises are bad for the ear and touch. They are not alive and are merely mechanical

hahaha da :ho: hanon theory

i think da HO muz haf praxxed inzane octz every day fo hiz whole youth

mos def.

how does he achieve such dullness in his playing?

you mean musicality?

I honestly have no idea how you can say that. Perhaps he isn’t Bravura, but not dull… but just watch his Gaspard. What is wrong with it? THAT is bravura

it’s quite monotonous and uninspiring

close to hynotic in the brahms paganini va

Not only is his Gaspard boring as hell, it’s inaccurate too.

I can argue for years over this one, but I won’t.

If you just dig cheap thrills, then you won’t like him, but he’s a poet on the keys.

I do agree about the Brahms sucking ass though.

well for some reason people went crazy over that boring-ass interpretation in cliburn competition

i watched it live and i was like ‘WTF’.

Kobrin is probably around 10th among all the Cliburn Contestant last year. It’s quite unjustisfied that he won the competition.

Ever since Sultanov, I don’t think I agree with any 1st-prize decision of the cliburn competition.

Cliburn piano competition is 2nd rate competition.

The only world class piano ompetition is Tchaikovsky.

shouldnt the 2006 tchaikovsky be coming up soon?(or have I already missed it?)