The Rosenberg Trio live at the North Sea Jazz Festival

Best Gypsy Jazz out there
seriously, Stochelo Rosenberg has passed up Django

this guy is known nowadays as the “best gypsy jazz guitarist”

just listen to this, it’ll blow your frickin mind. He even improvises over Django’s minor swing at 1000 MPH beautifully.

I also have an amazing vid of Caravan (not on here, catchy ass tune with perfect improv) if anyone’s interested.

wow I feel sorry for all of you who aren’t downloading this

what a shame.

haha da speed pozzibly not az wikid az da BIRÉLI

but respec foh dis tru, thanx

he’s as fast as they get as a gypsy guitarist

Bireli doesn’t use his method of picking - down up down down up down down up down etc for upwards and dowards, he anchors his hand high, sweep picks all downpicks, all to achieve a much better sound.

Also, if you listen to the whole album, you will notice that his technique is much more impressive than Lagrene

not to mention the music is 10 X better.

i c

but I don’t agree 8)

but dis iz indeed a wikid performance, so respec n thanx tru