Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Since da Chriz pozted Radiohead. … 340E87CE81

Randomly, I didn’t really enjoy this album as much as the Radiohead stuff.

Still better than 95% of all the other stuff out there.

haha tru, da sheeyat on da radio dese dayz is just… sheeyat 8)

Here are some really nice solo acoustic guitar and Rhodes piano recordings of some Eraser tracks that Thom did on various radio stations and on the Henry Rollins show. Shows what a talented mofo this guy is, both as a musician and as a songwriter, as these tracks are just as good acoustic as they are electronic. I added in the two B-sides as well, which are quite interesting.

Analyse (electric piano)
Skip Divided (one hand electric piano, one hand slapping the rhythm on top of the piano…haha)
The Clock (acoustic guitar)
Cymbal Rush (electric piano)

The Drunkk Machine

And if you liked that stuff, check out this vid. ‘Analyse’ again, this time on an acoustic upright, live from the Mercury Music Awards ceremony.

Obviously his piano skills are nothing special, but respect tha man for keeping da 88 in modern popular music.

respec. I already had these, but moh people need to hear dis 8)