Tiff Punani aka Mediocre Nanocunt

What do you guys think of her?

Also - Do her vlogs detract from your taking her playing seriously because of her cutesy vibe or do they enhance your appreciation of her playing?

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I don’t mind her vlogs, but don’t care for her playing. Her personality is about as interesting as your average hairdresser’s.


I usually like to give people a fair go, but in her case I’ll make an exception.


How come dis chick’s got 67k subs & I’m wallowing at 13k? WTF? Da Poontang > da Russkies.

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To be fair, 50k of those are probably TM alts.


zhe iz a legit penizt

wiz a borin perzonality :sunglasses:

137k subs now :sunglasses:

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da TM assessment

Potential: 10/10 - insane memory, great dex, gud work ethic
realization of potential: 1/10 - zhe is not da penizt zhe wuz when zhe/he/it was 16

Looks 7/10 - and steadily declining

Bod - Concentration camp Treblinka level. :tm: approved 10/10
playing - impossible to judge objectively, I can’t help to think that if dis insanely talented media whore studied wiz a legit musician and not sum Jyard rapist, maybe she’d get off the live stream once in a while and think about what da fuck there is to piano playing aside from finger moving n ponytail bobbing


da TM would have been a huge fan if she was actually


I’m out.

thread will remain visible to google. Go ahead, bitch, SUE ME.
I got da :hui: support now n I can lawyer up as needed. :zeniah:

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For someone you don’t find attractive, you sure do talk about / tag / retweet her a lot…


Ok she’s hottah den da :hui: tho


Da TM interest in da Punani mostly from diz perspective:

How da fuck does one create youtube content dat gets clicks?

I guess a fat balding bespectacled Russian dude jus dun get much interest from da 90% male tube users