tips on opus 25/6 chop etude?

I had no problem with op 10 no 1, 2, ocean, winterwind, etc etc,

but DAM

this one is randomly on and off all of the time.

How should I practice the right hand parts?

I don’t know how to go about the movements in the descending right hand passages, and am not too great at the double thumbing.

pozt a 10/2 vid 8)

haven’t done it in 7 years, don’t want to relearn right now with all of this other shit

however, I will learn all of them someday (i hope) probably op 10 first, then 25.

I can relearn the Ocean pretty quickly… I don’t know how to figure out vids though.

I seriously doesn’t understand the hype about the difficulty of op 10 no 2… if you don’t stop your hands, and just let the chromatics flow without jerky movements, keeping the arm moving and pluck at the chords, it’s not too bad. It uses the same 3-4-5 technique as the op 25 no 6 etude, but instead of thumb and index notes underneath each one, it has a chord every four notes. Op 10 no 1, Ocean, Winterwind etc much harder IMO

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i once posted some tips on chromatic double thirds, but that thread got deleted. if you say 10/2 is so easy just prax a chrom scale with only 1 2 till you can play it like it’s nothing, then put it together with 345, shouldn’t be a prob. there’s a lot more but i don’t feel like typing it all now.

I just realize this thread is full of shit.

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tiz da sdc conservatory not da fuckin chopinmusic!

FO thirdz : 20% iz fingah dex, 80% iz da gud uze of da wrizt/hand/spazz inertia force tech

thirdz iz in hanon wiz scalez n arpz. I dun tell tiz eazy to get da trick when ur da noob ztartin da 88… juzt lyk scalez n arpz, but a minimal prax of hanon each day, wiz lyk 15-30 minz of dnz a day, (eztimated prax tym fo a below average peniz) shud do it. even da NUTZACK can quazi-play da 25/6 man!

FO 10/2 : 90% iz raw fingah dex, da chordz iz juzt dere to prevent u from cheating wiz non-rawdex element I ztated above. u haff minimal hand inertia force to cheat
fo da 10/2 u juzt haff to forget ur hanon n start all ovah wiz monthz of raw dex building

comparin da 25/6 az a 10/2 wiz a chrom zcale iz juzt wrong too
dat wud be juzt TOO MUCH work JUZT to play a thirdz scale cuz again a minimal amount of raw dex iz required fo thirdz
tiz lyk sayin u shud race wiz a mofo runin… by walkin fazt, juzt too much work fo diz…

in da 10/2 u haff no choice to learn walkin afap… hence da difficulty

(tiz maeztro metaphorez so u might not get it :rectum: )

good advice.

Chopets are different difficulties for everyone though.

There was an internationally renowned pianist (Andrea Padova) who just played at our music school, and he was talking about how he can do every Chopin etude except op 25/6

Just like Ho and not being able to do 10/1

Every etude is difficult for different people, 25/6 is definitely not one of the easier ones. Unlike 10/2, it has many variations. 10/2 is the same thing throughout.

That’s the thing, I use only fingers in the thirds etude, and have good dexterity. My weakness is my wrists, and the double thumbing.

I respect what you said, but really, the fingerings for the chromatics in the 25/6 and 10/2 are identical.

How about you post a rec of what you can do with it so far…then again what’s the point? Nobody really wants to help you anyway.


I can post a rec, but I haven’t been playing it long, and it will suck. Maybe I will anyway, if it would actually help.

Horowitz played all Chopin 24 etudes. Read the book.

actually if da muzicaldarkanuz tryz to play da 25/6 wiz da 10/2 tech, den TRU, tiz a zimilah difficulty, perhapz even harda at 1zt

but wut da MART zayz iz tru, if u iz experienced wiz da wrizt/fingfa combo tech den da 25/6 zhud eventually be natural n eaziah to get highah zpeedz.

da reazon da SDC valuez da 10/2 zo hily az a tech evaluatah, iz dat it iz da bezt general dex tezta, fo tellin da zpeed of da 3/4/5 finmgaz.

alzo, try playin da 10/2 da original way da chop compozed, wiz da ‘chordz’ in da RH held, diz zhud provide nu challengde…

and said that he found it harder than the Rach 3.

i’ve read many books.

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HAHAHAH U FUCKAH, at leazt delete yo 88ztreet poztz b4 u zay diz. u haff only done HALF OF DA PIECE a month ago 8),3989.msg175437.html#msg175437

n den 2 weekz latah when da MARIK azk yo if u evah got diz up to perf level, u zaid yez. well done fo learnin da 2nd half. 8),16607.msg179271.html#msg179271

u want me to go on n dizzect yo CG ‘tech obzervationz’ from (barely) readin da zcorez? or worze, from watchin da ZLIT vid?

da ARAETH n da ZKEP both know a fake rec zpeakth mo den random embarrazzin BS. learn from dem 8)

zepp, musicsdarkangel always talks shit. why wasted your time looking for his previous posts? the answer is obvious. whatever he comments, don’t even take it with a grain of salt.

yes, but it was easier for me than the rest…and no, I did it 7 years ago.

i moved on to other stuff

I don’t get it, what’s the big deal. 25/6 is a big pain in my ass. i’m not saying that i’m the shit or anything, but op 10/2 was definitely easier for me than the others I’ve done. It’s the whole thing throughout. And when I said 1/2, I mean 1/2 up to speed, fluent, etc etc etc and roughly 1/2 at the time, I didn’t memorize as much as practiced tech

This thread has reminded me that I still need the lyrics (two-pianos) for Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”.

This thread has reminded me that I still need the lyrics (two-pianos) for Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”.