tiz Concert season

Da Jeff’z gonna be poor true…

3 Liszt Sonata (Kizzin/Aimard/Beroff)

Da Whale doing all TEs wif Medtner (daim, already bought ma ticket)

Aimard Liszt Sonata! Cool, wonder how it will sound. Wich Medtner is Berezovsky playing?

Night Wind, I think

tiz tru

alzo, Ivo’z brother (Lorve?) Pogorelich is coming, but I am not gonna see him.

I am debating if I should go to Argerich’s concert, she is playing 4-hands and chamber work, but it’s really expensive (12000 Yen a pop)

The only work I want to listen to live was the Rach Cello son…

Also wondering if I should go to Irina Mejoueva

hahahaha mannnnnnnnnnnnn :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

iz that tha BEAN in tha picture to tha right of tha whale? :lib:

hhahahahaah wtf, tiz da Papaya


ahaha, and da doc will unleadsh da pimpzon in NYC too.

fuck, tha jealousy.

I’m seeing da genie 3 times in september (first time he’s been to Oz).

It’s funny because I also have festivals around the same time.

So one day I’ll surrounded by pill popping ravers, the next I’ll be chilling with 80 yr olds. 8)